Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas Cards

It is that time of year again, The Christmas Card list.  The question for the past few years, “Are we sending cards this year?”

The answer has been ‘YES’ let’s do it one more year. So we have.We just finished.

Now, my question to Sherry is, do folks keep sending us cards because of a feeling of obligation? Our postage bill for the cards is not prohibitive to us, but might be to some of the family and friends to whom we send. At present rates, two cards are about a dollar to send.  If you are buying the cards by the box, the cards them selves don’t cost that much.

Men approach cards differently than ladies. Sherry reads every verse, trying to find the right one of a special person. I like ‘em all. Men do read the cards they get, but mostly are just appreciative of the card and/or gift.

Women read a card they receive as the verse is directed especially for them, the same as they search for someone. Cards are important. We had reached a point in the USA that sending cards was not cost prohibitive, and our list blossomed. Now? hey, it can cost a pretty penny.

Like many folks , we have been buying stamps since they were 3 cents, now a stamp is 45 cents.

Some folk send e-cards. They are very cute, some beautiful and interesting. We haven’t done that yet.  With our systems as slow as they are it takes a long time to upload and down load a card.

I think many folks are cutting back, at least according to the postal service they have. This was always a booming time for the P.O.

Anyway, cards are mailed and we are ready for our cruise coming up in a week or so. Arrangements are being made for our motor home sitters.

Folks, Christmas is fast approaching, but you didn’t know that, did you?Winking smile

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Christmas is the perfect way to end a year.


Red is Christmas!

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Chatty Crone said...

I have to be honest with you Jack. I think it is great that you send cards. I even like cards. I don't send them though because of the cost. If someone sends me a card and I don't I do feel a little guilty. LOL


Jackie said...

You are ahead of me, Jack!
Good for you and your wife.
I plan to send Christmas cards, but I haven't done it yet.
I love to receive them...and I love to send them.

shirl72 said...

When I receive one I will send them
one and they don't know if I was
going to send them one just
because they sent me one. That
sentance is hard to put into words.
It is getting late I think I have
said enough. I do love Cards and
It gets me in the spirit of
Christmas. I always look forward
to getting the ones that Sherry

Paula said...

Sending cards and recieving cards used to be my favorite part of Christmas. A few years back I just didn't want to send them anymore so we don't get as many either. I will pick up the phone sometime and thank someone for the one they sent. In fact I need to call a lady who always sends me one who rented from me years ago.

betty said...

Christmas Cards were on both of our minds these past few days, Jack, LOL. Good for you and Sherry still sending them out. My mom always did; it was her way to keep in touch with people at least once a year. I forgot you guys were going on a cruise! How exciting!! Definitely lots of adventure with that!!

I really do like cards to get them and to send them, but it is amazing how much a card costs if you don't get them in a box! I often joke with hubby that we should go card shopping, find the one we would give to each other and show it to the other at the store and not bother buying it. Hubby's parents had kept the majority, if not all, the cards they had sent to each other or received from other people through the years (over 60 years worth). Me, they go on the mantle for the season and then they hit the trash, which is probably why these days hubby and me don't exchange cards :)


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm like you and still send out cards. I will as long as I can. It's one tradition that means a lot to me. Mine are almost ready to go out but not quite... It sounds like you will be enjoying a nice early Christmas present with that cruise. I remember the one you made for your anniversary and had such a great time. Here we are to have a rainy weekend. Sure could use some of that warm sunshine you all have.

Anonymous said...

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Ken Riches said...

We only do a select few, it just seems to be so much effort. With facebook and such, we keep in touch way more than we used to.

Glenda said...

Guess I'm traditional, still
sending cards, most likely because I do love to receive! Great post, love all the red and green :)

Y said...

Just so you know, we wish you both a blessed Christmas and new Year, but we won't be sending a card...even if we could find you.