Sunday, December 30, 2012

Eat what is on your plate

Most of my life when I went to the table, my mama cooked and dished the food out to each person’s plate. If there was anything left it was either in a pot on the stove, or in a bowl on the table. It was there if you wanted seconds.


BUT there was an understood rule, YOU FIRST EAT WHAT IS ON YOUR PLATE. No eatee? Then a little lecture of kids hungry in Africa and other parts of the world. (I never said it, but I did wonder how we could get our left overs to them?)

Now to my gripe of the day. Waste of food. We just returned from a cruise. If you have been on a cruise ship, you know the one thing available in abundance, is FOOD. Meats, veggies of all kinds and Fruit galore. Ice cream and Pizza for the taking.

However, I noticed families load trays,  take it to a table near us and leave half (or more) on their trays, such waste. They knew of course that it was all included in their fare.  No matter, it is still wasteful.

Today we did the most ignorant thing, we decided to find a waffle house. I made the mistake of asking our NEW GPS. Yep, right down town on US192 in the middle of Disney traffic on Saturday, not smart at all. Sadly there was no Waffle House where the GPS said, so then to Dennys. As I was standing in line, nosey me, looked over the barrier as a family left the table.

One plate of MY CHOICE of breakfast. Two eggs sunny side up, an order of has browns and toast, untouched. A full glass of chocolate milk and one of Orange juice. A huge half eaten breakfast sandwich and a glass of milk. I am one cheap skate, that would have went into a carry out. Unlike the ship, each order of that food was paid for by someone’s hard earned money.

Yeah, I know, none of my business. but that is both wasteful of money and food.

My gripe for the day.

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The following is still true today:

****A penny saved, is a penny earned. (Sure I still pick a penny up off the street).

****Waste not, want not.

****Always   put something back for a rainy day.

****Yes, it is true, someone is starving and would love to have our ‘horn of plenty’.

++++He who kisses and runs away, lives to KISS another day. ( Surprised smile wait wrong post!)


1956 Marlin

AMC Marlin, not my style and the wrong car for the time I think.

I never rode in one.


Ken Riches said...

We have definitely become spoiled as a nation...

Jackie said...

My Mama always said (and still does), "Waste not; want not."
There is so much truth to that.

Paula said...

I like this entry because it is so me. I see this waste at the buffet we go to. Another thing is the mess they make for the waitress to clean up.

Chatty Crone said...

I see a lot of waste too and sometimes my own grandson wastes and I feel really bad - problem is I try to eat it and eat too much.

My mom would cute out one of those starving African boys and put it on the table when we ate dinner.

betty said...

I don't think it is a good lesson to teach kids to take food (like on the cruise) and then to waste it. I think they should have taken a little and then gone back for more rather than waste it. I know in restaurants we would bring home "doggy bags" (but the dog never got it LOL) with leftovers whenever possible. Sometimes the kids' eyes were bigger than their stomachs but we did try not to waste. I got to the point sometimes I would order a side salad and then share their meal.

I'm sure a homeless person walking by such a restaurant and seeing a table like that with food left would just shake their head........

(its a gripe with me too about the waste of food)


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

A lot of starving people would like to have what we waste. I know that here at my house I throw out food because I've left it in the fridge too long and haven't eaten it before it spoils. It's really hard when there is only one of me here to eat it all, but then I didn't have to fix it all either. As much as food costs these days, I need to plan better. I'm staying warm inside, but it is very cold outside. More snow coming tonight they say.

Louis la Vache said...

«Louis» is with you on the waste of food! It's a national disgrace - and symptomatic of much that ails our country.

«Louis» never liked the AMC Marlin, either. It isn't the car that stylist Richard Teague (ex-Packard) wanted to build, but it was forced on him by AMC management, specifically Roy Chapin. Chapin, the son of one of Hudson's founders, lacked the instincts his father or George Romney had and this took its toll on AMC.

Anonymous said...

Now all you eat is half a biscuit.
More Americans should follow that lead, actually. ~Mary