Saturday, August 10, 2013

Backing up to Michigan

MichiganDAY2 006

Those are Hibiscus above. Yeah, I know that because my Big Brother used to raise them. These are outside Jerry and Debbie’s house, great friends of Johnny’s.

MichiganDAY2 007

Animals have a way of taking over. This is El Paso. A stray cat that was going to be taken care of for the night, then to the Humane society the next day. They say that has been a few years now.

MichiganDAY2 012

No, El Paso would not let me pet him. As a matter of fact they said Debbie is the only one he will allow to hold him. She loves that cat. He is a beauty.

MichiganDAY2 014

Tags still on Jerry’s seat, more on that later.

MichiganDAY2 015

Note how happy my BIL is when I get the girls.

More of Jerry and Debbie’s flowers. They have a show place home and yard.

MichiganDAY2 019

They helped Johnny get settled after his land lord passed away and he was forced to leave, the house was to be sold. So this is where he ended up.


Johnny  took us to see ‘his place’, immediately he  went right to his favorite place, and told Sherry to look around. No guided tour!


He said, “Jack they tell me that is a Love seat you are in.”

I asked him did it work, he didn’t know. Here I am holding the tags and instructions still attached, must be a man thing. (note the new lamp beside me)


No bulbs in any lamps, “Debbie said I needed them, the are for looks, what do you think the overhead lights are for?”


John is a sports nut. So the TV is his life from the easy chair.


(below)Sherry and her little brother. She is so happy he is no longer in a rooming house and has his own stuff & place.

I smile to think of John’s life. In 70+ years, the most furniture he has ever owned before, was a bed, a chair and a TV. “What else you need?” he asks?

Do you  have files?  John’s whole life is described in about ten sheets of paper, that is it. No receipts, records, no bank statements, “What do I need them for?”  He had me there!


We left them all in fine fettle and Big sister is happy that John is settled and has a passel of friends. She offered him a furnished place to live in NC, but he says he is a YPSI boy for life.

Nite Shipslog


I broke our little camera. Story later. I ruined the LCD viewer on the back. I found instructions on how to fix it. Will order the part when we get nearer our home base.


5555555 the Thing, REmember

This was called the VW Thing.  the name was Thing.   It was sold as the Kurierwagen in Germany, the Trekker in the United Kingdom, the Thing in the United States (1973-1974),


Glenda said...

That is a beautiful hibiscus plant, wondering if they keep it potted and bring inside in winter? They do have some beautiful plants. Johnny looks like he's settled in his new digs! What is it with guys just leaving the tags on stuff???

shirl72 said...

The flowers and yard are beautiful.

Glad Johnny has his own place now.
Nothing wrong with relaxing and
watching TV. No apologizes.

I'm sure he and all his friends have
a good time. Love the name of the cat El Paso. Maybe Johnny can baby sit the cat...haha

Jackie said...

What a happy post, Jack!!
Lovely flowers as an opener...and then great photos of Jerry and Debbie...and their wonderful cat. I'm so glad that he was rescued and that he has a loving home.
And then the photos of Sherry's brother...and Sherry with her brother. I'm glad that he has a comfortable place in which to live...and it looks as though he takes life in worries. I like that. Hats off to him.
Loved being with you as you described your trip to Michigan this evening and look forward to your next post, my friend.

Chatty Crone said...

Sounds like they are getting settled in their home. Very pretty. And I love their cat - I am usually a dog person - but I am getting into cats. LOL sandie

Paula said...

Sounds like he ain't sweatin' the small stuff. I think only women need light bulbs and to take off the tags. You only do it 'cause Sherry keeps you straight.

Louis la Vache said...

The version of the VW "Thing" that was manufactured in Mexico was built the the former Studebaker de Mexico plant.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Sherry's brother is a smart man. The less you have the less you have to worry about. He looks like a contented man and I'm sure those good friends of his are appreciated.


TRAVEL light. Sheri's brother is right. Cute cat. I've been up in Troy Michigan. We must have passed each other.

Lucy said...

So glad Sherry and you had a good visit with her brother. Where are you all headed next???? I could never travel as I have said many times. Just a good thing you got equal mates. I have baby tomato's on my hanging plant. They were so small I was not sure what it was when I saw the first one, it was so tiny but they are growing. Wonder if they will ripen before the first frost hits.