Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Living on the road..

Some folk wonder how you go from 2800 sqft to 324 sqft and make it work for 14-15 years? To us it has not been a problem. We are asked about our ‘stuff’. You know we humans must have our ‘stuff’. This motor home has a lot of storage below, it is called a basement. Since boys seem to require more stuff, most of what is down there is my stuff.


Most of this is mine, tools.


The basement compartment on the left is a shared compartment. Chairs, tables, books to be read and Family VHS. The Right is more tools and MH repair stuff. There is a trunk to be delivered from Las Vegas to Brevard, NC.

Sherry considers Christmas stuff hers, and that is under the bed along with clothes we will probably never wear. Oh, and Sherry is addicted to the old style hair dryer that has combs and brushes on them. We have at least 3 extra, I think. bought at various yard sales. I also have a shotgun under there I have never fired.

There is something special under he bed. A sheet of uncut $1 bills. Given to me by my nephew Steve, after I helped him build a ramp for his daughter. An absolutely beautiful young lady who is in a wheel chair much of the time! I tried to explain there was no charge for the work, but he insisted I take the bills. Sweet of him.


Under the couch. below are THE ANNUALS!STORAGE AND PITTING 069

Also there is storage under the couch with ‘stuff’. Old directories, greeting cards, computer print cartridges and paper. Just above me here is Sherry’s treasure of ‘STUFF’, she couldn’t live without them, cook books and her HIGH SCHOOL ANNUALS. Every time I see her reach for one of them, she is usually on the phone with Evelyn, a former classmate.

So as you can see we have our small share of ‘stuff’. We have a large storage area in Belmont, that we consider our home base, that has more stuff, our history, you might say.

But what makes this work so well is something I know you guys get tired of hearing, and that is she is the greatest. Yesterday I took the left overs of a meal I cooked the day before and made a soup (with her permission, she had the choice of eating out or my soup). She was sweet and bragged on the soup as I washed dishes. I let her dry, sometimes if she insists.

She is always complimentary. My pat answer is always, “How many times did you fix dinner for me and the boys after working 8 hours? I just want to repay you a little for that.”

I am not fishing for compliments, this lady deserves the best. We, working together, have been successful I never apologize for what we have. We were happy on $60 a month with no assistance, living in a remodeled chicken house. We never thought of food stamps, etc. (Nothing wrong with that, it is just not us). She was the greatest then. We have lived in what some would call a mansion, it was paid for and were never any happier than we are now. For us, this is the life.

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Politicians are people who, when they see light at the end of the tunnel, go out and buy some more tunnel.
~John Quinton, American actor/writer


PS2 Sorry, I know I am repeating my self in this post. But sometimes I just feel like this.



We actually had one of these also. The ageless VW camper.


shirl72 said...

I think back and we all made it without any assistant. Didn't know
what freebies were. I am thankful for what I have today. We worked for
everything we had.

Brother I am now spending your inheritance isn't that what you
said, spend, spend, spend. hee hee


Unfortunately the more space you have the more stuff you accumulate.

Chatty Crone said...

What a sweet sweet sweet love you have and I am sure she feels the same way. It is not so much the things - it is the heart.

Now are all those shelves in the RV as you are driving?


Jackie said...

I love the love that you and Sherry share. Beautiful...
This is a heartfelt blogpost. I'm always glad I come here, and never leave without a smile in my heart for you two.
As you take that trunk to Brevard, give a wave our way. We will likely be just a few miles from where you are.
Our home away from home is in Waynesville...but the address is Canton (NC), I know that we are neighbors for a while.
Sending good night smiles, wishes for sweet dreams for both of you...and also prayers for traveling mercy.

Paula said...

What makes it so nice for you two that you like the same things. Traveling, hiking, and so on. So wonderful you two have done both together all these years.

Louis la Vache said...

«Louis» is of the opinion that all remaining VW Microbuses, running or not, have migrated to The Peoples Republic of Berserkeley, California...

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It is surprising to see all the storage space you all have there. It really is a nice home. Years ago we used to think that that is how we'd retire. With a motor coach and traveling, course the good Lord had other ideas, but still we had a great life. To be content and happy in what ever circumstances, that is the good life.

Rose said...

I admire the love you both have for each other. You are truly blessed!

Did a nice neat job storing your belongings.

The more storage space a person has, the more stuff you accumulate.

Hugs to my favorite couple!