Sunday, October 20, 2013

I was so short sighted and ignorant….

Funny thing when you are a teen ager it is impossible to project your thoughts into the future, in your mind it will always be so. As I remember it, mom and dad were so OLD at 35-40.  My brothers were OLD, They were 12-14 years my seniors.

I did not think I would eventually have bunions, and crooked toes. These brown spots on my hands.  I can remember seeing leathery wrinkles on my dad’s neck, it never occurred to me that one day that would be me.

Oh shucks, this flabby skin and those small miniature wrinkles, OUCH, do they belong to me? Hey this is me we are talking about. The kid with hair that formed a great ducks tail. The guy who could dive from the high rocks and swim miles, who could do one arm push ups and 100 chin ups were a breeze after 50 pushups.

Scanoldphoto3 072

scanoldpic7 018 - Copy

I never knew that one day I would look down at my naked body and see a BELLY sticking out, hiding the other STUFF.

What happened to that naive kid?

This is Dale and Hazel. Instrumental in  Our BEGINNING. Dale suggested I ask Sherry Harris out on a date. Sat. morning we had breakfast with Hazel and one of her daughters, Dale has passed.

Scanoldpic9 054

Hazel HartnessBREAKFAST 011

Hazel and her beautiful daughter Donna.

Hazel HartnessBREAKFAST 004

Violet and Bobby (above) Sherry and Hazel (below)

Hazel HartnessBREAKFAST 005


Bob and Violet (who are kin to Hazel) were there. Since Pansy’s untimely passing and meeting Bobby’s brother James and their sister Velvie, by chance here (mentioned in my blog entry earlier), we have been drawn closer to Bobby & Violet.

Bob & Violet have a ministry at a senior home, they asked me to do a chalk picture and talk.  I am honestly looking forward to it, it has been awhile. I plan for this to be my last performance.

I plan to get rid of my equipment after this. It has been a blast and a great thrill to see eyes light up when a hidden picture ‘excited by the black light’ appeared.  but my hearing and age are showing effects. I actually saw the demise of my mentor, Ray Campbell, as he aged and thought his drawings were great, when they were actually about equal to the work of a 3rd grader.

It is a privilege to be asked, and I do appreciate the ones who remember.

Thanks for coming by the log.

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I read about a haunted house the other day. The lady was sure the house was haunted. Every time she passed a mirror, instead of her reflection, there was a strange old woman watching her.



The year I discovered America. I liked this Packard  Woodie ….


Chatty Crone said...

You've had a great life Jack - and you are heading into new things and new experiences - you need to keep taking pictures!

shirl72 said...

I know you did a good job drawing
and I'm sure the people were excited to have entertainment.

I sound like the lady who didn't recognize herself. The old body
just starts letting us down. Just
remember how handsome you were when
you were young..

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Like you I never thought much about age when I was younger. And yes, I see a stranger in the mirror when I look too. All of the sudden one day I looked and my jowls had dropped. Ha! Gravity has a way of pulling things down. One joke I read said ... I have the furniture disease. My chest has fallen into my drawers... I'm sitting here watching the sun rise this morning. Looks like another beautiful day. But chilly here. Some things never get old.

Louis la Vache said...

Great post, Jack!

Packard sold a lot of those six cylinder cars (not so many of the woodies, though) - but the six served to help undermine Packard's luxury car business and helped lead to the company's demise...

Lucy said...

Oh, wow. That could have been me talking about my brothers and sisters but mom and dad were truly old when I was born. Funny how your blog just brought memories of my family flooding back, when I was a small child. Do what you feel comfortable with Jack. I bet your drawings are about as good as they were before you suddenly got old.

salemslot9 said...

great photos, Jack

I see Santa's reflection
in between Violet and Bobby ;)


Age eventually catches up with all of us.

betty said...

Its amazing to look at pictures of what we once were before we got old and think "wow, I looked good". I think it is fitting you are going out with a bang, so to speak, with the last chalk drawing performance. I'm sure they will enjoy it.