Monday, October 14, 2013


What makes someone want to help another? I think it is the human nature (as a whole) to do good. Helping someone no matter how small, makes the helped and helper feel good.

Since Vickie headed up the Benefit for Megan the other night I have been thinking how nice it was. I don’t think it is a secret, but I hear the amount will exceed $5,000. That is a good deed.

I haven’t done it often, but I used to stop and help with a flat tire on the road. Some of you (maybe two) remember helping someone push a car to get it started. LOL.

There are a lot of charities asking for money, I have given, but seldom do anymore, unless I know something about the group (‘nuf said there). I prefer to see where the gift is going.

Ever heard of the “JPD Warrior Project ”? Started in memory of a suicide, the project has a goal to help those who are suicidal. I mention this because our friends Mel and Slim (& Family) up in Wisconsin are very active in that cause. Since Justin Donner liked to fish and spend time with his friends before he took his life, the group has a ‘Fisheree’ every year to raise money and awareness of the problems facing the suicidal and their families.

I like to hear of folks like Betty out on the OTHER coast. She  speaks of assisting in feeding the homeless and less fortunate.

Paula has a knack of finding things lost, is that a good deed or what!

Some folk I know have a knack of cheering people on and upward. Chatty, Jimmy, Ken, Ma, Louis, Shirl, and many others do this daily, weekly or very often.

Once Sherry, the boys and I lived in a converted chicken house in Missouri. I was trying to give us a little more room on an open back porch. I looked up from flooring and saw a man I did not know and he said, “I have nose problems……. in other words I’m nosey, what are you doing?” I told him. He was a neighbor down the street and gave me enough windows to glass the back porch in. What a nice guy.

Once pulling into a truck stop for BoJangles Chicken we passed an old black man with two BIG plastic bags of aluminum cans. Of course he was planning to sell them.

Upon leaving the building I saw the poor guy out in the parking lot picking up the cans. I ran out and helped him pick them up. They were now flat. I asked, “Man, how did this terrible thing happen?”

He was smiling, “It ain’t a terrible thing, the truck driver axe me did I want him to run over them and I said yes they would be easier to carry that way. So he done done me a good enough deed.”

We got them back in the sack and I left thinking how happy the old man was to get his cans crushed.

Thanks for coming this way.

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It is good to do a good deed every day when you can.


cars from Charlotte 025cars from Charlotte 026

cars from Charlotte 023

Shirl took us to an auto  consignment place. She had to adjust the points on this one.


Anonymous said...

My ratio of receiving to giving is way too big.
I need to do some good deeds to get out of the deficit.

The Boy Scout slogan is "Do a good turn daily." Good words.

bonnie k.

Paula said...

Nice entry. My daughter Lynda belonged to an organization that required her to collect a certain amount of aluminum cans every month to be given to charity. She was short of time because of school band and other things so Leah and I started walking our neighborhood streets and collecting for her to give to them. We got lots of exercise and did a good deed too.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

As I was reading your entry I was thinking about what good deed I could do daily and then you mentioned my name. Thank You. I never thought of my blog as a good deed before. I guess we all have different things we can do.

Chatty Crone said...

You know what - everyone has a gift - EVERYONE - they are all different - but they are wonderful. All we have to do is do it! Wouldn't the world be a great place!?

Chatty Crone said...

PS It is a great place - I meant a greater place...

betty said...

Thanks for the shout out, Jack. Someone once had a sign that said "helping others is saving yourself" which to me meant it makes us less self centered and more aware of others around us. I try to constantly look as I'm out and about on how to help someone, a door opened for someone, letting someone first before us at the store, etc. Like Sandie (Chatty) said, if everyone used their gifts, what a great(er) world this would be :)

That's great too for the fund raiser to have made that much money too!



When I used to recycle cans I had a contraption that crushed them for me, one at a time. Smiled at the thought of a truck doing that for the man. Clever, indeed.

Louis la Vache said...

Mme. la Vache has a good heart and has been taking food to some homeless living under a nearby freeway overpass.

Your anecdote about the man and the cans reminded Louis of how little kindnesses can make a big difference to people.

You KNOW Louis enjoyed seeing those old Chevys!

shirl72 said...

It is easy to do good deeds or help
someone. When I see a need I will
always help if it is not a put-on
for attention. They are many scams out there begging and want your money. It is a good feeling helping
someone in need.

Elizabeth said...

I believe doing something for others makes you feel as good or better as it does the one you are helping!

~mel said...

We always say, "if we can save just one life ... mission accomplished." Since our beginning of the JPD Warrior Project we can happily say "mission accomplished" multiple times!!

Thank you for the 'thumbs up' and link up on the JPD Warrior Project!

Rose said...

Excellent Post!

Hugs to my favorite couple!