Tuesday, October 8, 2013

What a day

Last night I prepared 4 pages of notes for the Senior presentation. Today I spent installing a new hot water heater. I told Sherry it was a 3 hr. job.  You get older your estimates seem to be GUESSES.  It ended up being 8 hours.  I had planned on a couple hours to rehash the notes.

BUT the water heater is in and the presentation is over. I threw the notes away just after I started. I mixed jokes, tales and magic tricks into a talk on ‘A hill worth dying on!’

The idea I took from an old boss of mine when I was going to challenge a military decision I did not like. The words still ring loud and clear in my mind he said, “Chief, is this hill you are about to climb worth dying on?  Take  a day and think about it, let me know your decision in the morning.”

I knew what he meant, was gambling a perfect career worth it?  I decided it was NOT worth it after I calmed down.

I used Martin Luther King Jr for one.  No matter your opinion of the man, he saw a hill (segregation) worth dying on.

Of course these were Christian Seniors, and I ended up with the Lord seeing a hill he knew was worth dying on.

Too many of us choose some minor hill that in the end will make no difference  in a year or so. We expend our energy trying to win some battle that the victory is short-lived if won, and some die trying to accomplish something not worthy of the  fight.

I said, “I was told to keep this short, make it funny and remember this is church.”

I told a joke and took up an offering. Actually I took a dollar offering and changed it into a quarter and 3 balls.

Then someone asked if I was going to do a drawing? I said no, but watch this.  I used the Disappearing crayons into an un-colored coloring book, to magically color the drawings.  Always a hit with adults and kids alike.

It was fun, and of course those seniors can cook some delicious food. I seldom entertain or do any ‘guest’ speaking now that I do not hear.  That was explained at the beginning of the meeting.

Thanks for coming this way.

Nite Shipslog,


I was asked where I wanted to stand to speak.  I said in front of the exit so no one will leave before the ‘offering’. 


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The Mustang…..


shirl72 said...

Last comment left the screen.

shirl72 said...

Your talk was very good. It was
entertaining and interesting. They
all enjoyed it because of all the
laughter. Still got it.

Paula said...

Good lesson here about the hill. It really makes sense.John worried all night about a salty cow they were going to try to load today. The worry was all for nigh. She loaded fairly well and was sold at auction today.

betty said...

WTG Jack! A water heater and a presentation on the same day!! I bet you'll sleep well tonight. Sounds like an enjoyable time for the seniors; I like the analogy with the hill; well done. And something about church food, always delicious, always lots of it, and no calories :)



You put in a long day. congrats on a job well done. talk and heater.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Good thoughts and good work. Sounds like a great day for you and for others too. Hope you both have a wonderful Wednesday. Chilly start here at 44 degrees but it'll warm up in the high 60's they say.

Elizabeth said...

Very good !

Louis la Vache said...

"Near the exit so they can't leave before the offering."
Good one, Jack!

Re Term Limits in the previous post: I think we should limit them ALL to TWO terms - one in office followed by one in the Federal Penitentiary!

Lucy said...

I like this post. I like the way you think on 2 terms. Course my blog is drifting away and coming back. I think someone else made that comment. bUT I still like the way of the thought. I have to work on this blog.

Chatty Crone said...

My husband does the same thing you do when estimating a job! We always laugh.

And it sounds like you still have your talking and story telling.

And I agree with you 100% - be sure that it's the hill you want to die on!