Friday, December 5, 2014

December 2014 Pushing the end of another year on the road.

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We made our yearly trek to the North East for me to try the trail again. This was the year I have dreaded. I knew that I could not carry a 50lb pack forever, and I learned this past year what my Sherry had already admitted. I have enjoyed being out in the woods with a pack on my back for years now, I hate to give it up.  But you know as life goes on we must accept reality, we will have to give up some things and then try to find a replacement.


And in the replacements we must realize our limitations. I wish I actually were a word-smith. If you are a reader you learn that writers such as Baldacci, Lamoure, Clancy, Grisham,        Patterson and hundreds more have an extensive vocabulary and a great command of the language along with the creative mentality required.

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Recently I discovered Rick Watson over at Life101 . He does a column for the local paper. I also have a cousin who does a column for a paper. Now the point I am trying to make is, I can tell a good story, Sherry and I have proven that for years professionally.  We were good at it, return calls proved that.

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So at some point when I lost my hearing, I decided to chose another outlet, writing. How hard can that be? As a chalk artist I would challenge someone from the audience to take the chalk and make a mark or series of marks at my easel and I would draw a picture from their starting point and tell a story. That was always interesting (for me and everyone else).

So I wrote a book. I learned quickly how much  a part of telling the story, facial expressions and body English were. Now I had to write the part where the ‘frown or smile’ added to the story.

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So when I read a professional like Rick,  I see those words that I do not have. Of course with the help of good proof readers and a lot of editing I have published several books. Sales have been average. I just finished another, I hope it is out by Christmas.

This new proofer said, “Jack this book needs a lot of editing along with proofing to have a chance at sales.”

So I say what she already knows, “Look, I am no spring chicken, I had a couple successful businesses and am near 76 years old. This is my fun thing, I KNOW this is no ‘Harry Potter’ nor ‘Adventures of Huck Finn’. Do what you can to help me look better than what I am, is that too much to ask Open-mouthed smile? The last proofer did it.”


        (Bonnie over at Organic Discourse 

Proofed & edited Finally Love for me.)

I keep saying if I can settle down I want to take a course in creative writing. Yeah and I want to take a course in painting also. But, but but I want to go to Ireland too! Reckon I have time?

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PS: (I read this somewhere)

When you say, 'I'm sorry,' look the person in the eye..



More 3d paintings


Jimmy's Journal said...

Go for it Jack!



Going to Ireland sounds like fun. I'm just saying???

shirl72 said...

I think it is time for you to come
on home, don't push your luck.
You and Sherry have been there and
done everything. You would have to
get use to being settled. I did.

The rocks were beautiful remember
I have rocks shaped like a car seat, piece of cake, foot and a bedroom shoe. Kat also liked rocks she would find in the creek
that ran by their mountain home.

betty said...
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betty said...

Oops lots of typos in me comment. Trying to type on the tablet. It is challenging. I think you can do whatever you set out to do Jack.


Paula said...

Yep it sure gets disappointing when you have to stop doing things you know you know how to do. I keep telling myself be thankful for what you have left. Another good 3-D truck ad. Did you know we have an olive farm near here? I haven't even been to it, I'm terrible.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I can relate to what you are saying about giving up and doing things differently. I've never written anything though but admire those that can, including you. I wish you the best with the new book. From what I've heard a good editor will get the job done.

Mevely317 said...

My first instinct? Don't go trying to fix something that ain't broken! I mean, if you were to take a Creative Writing course, would YOUR original creativity somehow become stifled? ... or, less enjoyable?

I'm really looking forward to reading your latest book!

Unknown said...

Jack, I think it is great to always have more things on the bucket list than one can do. Wouldn't it be sad to have done everything on the bucket list and then have nothing left?