Monday, April 18, 2016

Conflicts and Mechanics

This is Tuesday April 19th entry. Posted from Belmont, NC

Sherry's 60th class reunion is coming up and she is one a committee.  They were meeting yesterday. So I dropped her off and I went looking for a mechanic.  It is hard to find a mech who can get to it 'shortly', like in the morning'.  Now in logical terms, one may ask: Why is every other mechanic backlogged and behind and this guy can look at it basically now? 
 ANS: He ain't no good,and he is avoided.
ANS: He is a little out of the way and hard to find.
ANS: His prices are outrageous. 
ANS: The shop is new and building customers.

Can you have it here in the morning when we are clean, so we won't dirty up the coach. You bet I say, what time do you open. He said 8am and I said it will be here.

I don't know the answer to the questions I asked, but if you read this on Tuesday Morning, it will be at his shop.  I will have hoped and prayed  that he knows what he is doing, and the price will be right!

I can dream that he will come out of the engine and say it is fixed, it was only a loose nut, or bad filter, etc.  Of course I know that is a dream. LOL

I started back to pick up Sherry and was about 6 miles away when she text'd 'I am ready''.

When I got there of course she was not ready. She was deep in conversation with Don and Joann.  I told her we were inluck, I had found a mechanic, he would look at it in the morning.

NO! we go to Lenoir for lunch tomorrow! (Sherry's response)

"$hi-!" I said a bad-word (a little too loud). I had forgotten our 'social' calendar. It was scheduled weeks ago. I was so glad to get a mech, I jumped on it.

Sherry said we can miss the trip, but she was disappointed.  We have worked out sort of an agreement. If I feel comfortable leaving the coach, we will head for Lenoir with Don & Evelyn.  If not, methinks Sherry will go because she wants to see the rest of the group especially Mary Ann.

Our coach location is such it does not lend itself to easy exit with the coach due to work traffic. So we will leave early.

Nite Shipslog

PS:  While Sherry was getting ready to leave,  a friend asked if we had ever been to or seen, God's thumb print? Yes, Sherry and Hiked thru that part of Virginia. Three folk heard the conversation and asked about the hike.  We had a great conversation. Of course I 'very subtly'  mentioned I had a book that would be published in a few weeks about the Appalachian Trail.  LOL  Sherry and I do enjoy talking about the TRAIL.  These folks had just hiked different parts of the trail last weekend.

 This is a Mercury Pickup, a rarity, I have never seen one.
 This is a Nash Truck
This is a Packard Wrecker.


betty said...

Hope it is an "easy" repair at the shop tomorrow. Wow, 60 year reunion for Sherry; that should be a fun event for the attendees!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Hope it all works out and you get to visit with your friends too

Lisa said...

Here's hoping your next post is about how easy the fix was and how great the mechanic is. You need a "fix it" spot to go to in the future.

Leave it, dont miss that luncheon.

Unknown said...

You guys have to much to do. Hope the mechanic is a good fixer. Be careful
on the road traffic is awful. Hope everything works out. Will wait to hear
the results.

Mevely317 said...

As seems to be the case lately, I'm reading 'backwards.'
Thank you for letting us know the situation so we (well, me!) won't worry. It sounds as if your home-on-wheels is in good hands!


Hope you got your repairs made and that Sherry was able to meet with friends like planned.