Thursday, April 7, 2016

Is nekkid next?

Blog early tonight, we are headed for the Doctor  Thursday for a post surgery check. It has healed well. I got a scar, but no problems after the surgery!

The more or less ‘skin shown’ varies by the passing of time ‘PERIODS’.
WE are a nation of copiers, we look to ‘the high profile’ stars and entertainers for our dress and fashion.  I remember hiding pictures in my room to look at privately of ladies showing ‘legs’!  Still today, as a man, judging beauty, I see legs first.

You see I was raised in a time (After the roaring 20-30’s). In my youth the only women to show their bodies were movie stars. (Russel, MansField, Gardner, Lake AND Grable).Today I am far from a prude (I think).

 WWII, Grown up boys, who could die on the next mission were allowed a lot of leeway. AS shown in the Aircraft Art of the combat bombers and fighters, Nose ART.

Tommy Collins wrote a country western (or novelty) song, “You gotta Have a License”. That was the majority attitude of my childhood.  I have NO ROCKS to throw at anyone else, I can only report on my life and experience. My girl took the idea behind that song to the final degree.

My kids laugh when I say I saw their mother’s ankles and knew those legs would be great! (and they are!). But it took a license to see them. LOL

No one can lower anyone else’s value, we do that on our own. LOL  Today’s news on AOL brought all this on:
Hot trend! Stars flash their undies on the red carpet

So we must be entering another phase of MORE skin, less mystery!  This too will pass once the designers and fashion experts tire of expressing new ways to show ‘undies’.

So I ask myself, IS NEKKID NEXT?  Just part of OUR WORLD in 2016.

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betty said...

I think modesty these days needs to be replaced! Stars sending up selfies of themselves in various forms of dress or undress to me doesn't sound a bit attractive. Makes you wonder about their decency.

Good luck with the appointment!



Think it's sweet you liked Sherry's ankles. LEGS are sexy it's true. But mine are short and not long and lean. So when I was younger I always flashed another part of my anatomy. My big chest. But it was the 60's. We made love not war. However these girls today SHOW it ALL. Nothing left to the imagination. Imagination is a healthy part of growing up. GOOD LUCK at the doctors. I hope the next phase of your healing moves forward.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

There are now many TV shows and even the commercials that leave little to the imagination. I see lots of young girls on the street that show more skin than I'd like to see. They do imitate what they see. I too often wonder just how far it will go.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Forgot to add that I'm glad you are doing so well. Hope your appointment is a good one !

Lisa said...

Fashion today make those pinup girls look modist. I think they are beautiful and the old swimsuits are making a comeback!
Good luck at the doc!

Mevely317 said...

Oh, I hope Lisa is right about the old swimsuits making a comeback!
Today's standards of dress have taken me waaaay past shock, straight to Disgust.

Best wishes on your appointment. Bet-cha get a gold star! :)

Paula said...

I always think of the 50's when they (who ever they is) wouldn't let Elvis Presley's swaying hips be seen on TV. Now look at what is permitted.

Rick Watson said...

I hope not because like the lyrics of the old Sheb Wooly song, I Don't Look Good Nakid Anymore :)

Unknown said...

Will try again

Unknown said...

I am hoping the styles soon changes. These young girls want to show it all. Modesty should be considered but I think that style has gone out the window. We are living in a different
world anything goes. Hopefully we will get back to the good old days.