Saturday, December 17, 2016


 Do you know what this is?

Tonight was the time! My computer says defrost the refrig. Tonight as I defrosted I thought: Just a few feet away in our new house is a ‘frostless refrigerator’.  I washed dishes tonight also and I thought out there is a dishwasher.

We are not ready yet. I love this Motor home set up. Right now, I can sit here at the kitchen table and see my girl get in bed and I can go back and tuck her in (I like that). Then later I can see her ‘sleep reading’’. Everything is handy. 

But it really wouldn’t be convenient to be in the house during bathroom construction.  It is going to be a messy, dusty job for a couple weeks. Once I get that in, just maybe we will move in.  I did say Maybe. LOL

Have you ever owned a ‘frostless’ refrigerator? Of course our first three or four refrigerators were not frost free and had to be defrosted. Sherry and I shared the task. I look back at the ones mama had after 1948. Before that, we had the ice box. I remember each week mama put a sign in the front window telling the ice man how many pounds of ice she wanted. The card had several sizes and the one she displayed on top was what the ice man brought into the house and put in the ice box and mama paid him. I never knew what she paid for a 50 lb block. I am still curious.

Those are 100lb blocks. One side was scored in 4- 25lb sections. The ice man would use his ice pick and separate the sections in seconds. If a kid was lucky he could have the chips. Nice on a hot day!

Anyway I have watched mama use a butcher knife to break the ice off the Ice section of the refrigerator. (She would not let me eat the chunks, said it was not good for me.) That section is very vulnerable and the butcher knife could have punctured the freezer unit and ruined it. I don’t think that ever happened because she knew how delicate it was. That was before hair dryers. Now I use a hair dryer that I bought at a yard sale for 50¢ to defrost.

Mark just dropped by to stay in the Darnell Motel. I told him the rates are reduced due to construction. I have started the process of moving the bedroom door. Lol.

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Paula said...

I remember our ice man, Mr Custance. My niece used to tell him "teeth out, teeth out, and he would move his dentures half way out his mouth. She would laugh and laugh. The thick walled building where they stored the ice still stands in my home town.

Mevely317 said...

Ya when wielding a butcher knife, once I accidentally punctured something or another while trying to defrost our office mini-refrigerator. (Stupid so-and-so's.)

My Tom was just yakking recently about ice blocks being delivered to his home. Gotta show him this post!

Wishing you THREE a great eve!

Jean said...

We have a frost free refrigerator and it's about as old as me, ha. We bought it in the late seventies. We bought a new stove and upright freezer at the same time and they were all harvest gold. We bought a new stove and freezer a few years back maybe one day we will have them all matching again. Ha. Good luck with your bathroom can't wait to see your results. I know it's going to look nice. Jean


Dare I mention how MANY refrigerators my husband RUINED with ice picks. Just saying it was awful when he defrlosted the freezer.

betty said...

My mom would talk about the ice man coming to their house when she was growing up. I didn't know what the sign meant though until you explained it. I do remember my mom having to defrost the freezer in days long ago. She would plan for it to be empty, defrost it, and then a trip to the store to start storing things again in it. We had a stand alone freezer we would have to defrost every so often. However, I'm glad for the modern convenience of letting it do it itself.

You will know when it is the right time to move into your house :) I bet the neighbors are perplexed :)


Lisa said...

Way before my time but id love to have one of these! I have a small fridge in my office and I defrost it about once a year. I unplug it log enough for the ice to break loose and I pop it out and throw it outside. If I get busy and wait too long, ill have a wet mess to clean up.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Your work there seems to be endless. I know you want it just the way you like so you need to do it. Maybe while you have company there you'll also get some help. Seems a fair trade to me. Meanwhile enjoy your motor home where everything is comfortable.

Dar said...

I have one of those old fridge/freezers that takes a block of ice to cool it. It's in the restoration section of the barn right now but it's coming inside in the spring. I love it. Your remodeling is coming along nicely but I also understand the 'closeness' the coach offers.
Andy and his whole family will be here soon so looking forward to a day with the new baby and his 3 big brothers.
love n hugs from our minus -22 degree day...with a wind chill of minus-40...
It's a teeth-chattering day. Cold enough to stick our nostrils together and whiskers to hold icicles............BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR