Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Sherry's baby boy, HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Today was Sherry’s baby’s birthday, he is 55 years old.  She has two sons (she says three counting me).


First, remember  when no one knew the gender of the baby until it was born?  Anyway when Sherry went into labor I took her to the base hospital on Keesler AFB, Mississippi. They met us at the swinging doors and took Sherry. Motioned for me to not come in. “What about me?” I asked. The doctor said, “We don’t need you.  I will call if there is a problem or when the baby is born, now scat, I have work to do.”

It was a sweet healthy boy, we named him Jack Jr.

The second, Mark David, was different. He was born at a civilian hospital in Kirksville, Missouri. I was with her up until she went to the delivery room. (She hoped for a girl.)  During one of the pelvic exams being ‘out of it’, she actually kicked the nurse and said, “Leave me alone!” The nurse took it in stride smiling.
Mark today at 55

Anyway that was in a Snowy North Central Missouri winter, Mark David was born. Also a healthy boy.  Sherry is so proud that her mama was there for both births.

 (Grandma with Jack Jr holding his new born brother)

Mark picked the “Lucky Dill” Home of the sandwich that ate Brooklyn, for his birthday lunch. Myra ( Respice, Prospice  ) recommended it, and we had eaten there awhile back. My Reuben was 3 ½ inches thick!

WE dropped Mark off back at his house in Port Richey and are now home.

Anyway back to our house. I have been using my portable flag poles out front.  I have always wanted my own permanent  flag pole. Last night after dark I finally finished installing MY FLAG POLE. It is 6' deep in the ground and only 16 feet high, but it is mine. I can raise a flag, and half-staff it if necessary.

I am proud of it.

Life is good. Do you buy the net bags of 'Cuties'. Small Mandarin oranges from California?  I have been eating them like crazy. I love 'em.  Being in Florida many groves had 'You pick' rows, but no more. Due to frivolous law suits of 'Sunday' pickers , most have shut down that aspect of the citrus crop. I am very disappointed, I love Florida citrus.

Nite Shipslog


Susie Harris, Sherry’s mom, was an angel, a sweetie with a cute pug nose.  No one could have had a better mother in law. She traveled to both states and stayed with us, irreplaceable help with Sherry and  both babies. At the early age of 61, Susie died in my arms with her family around. I tried CPR until help arrived, but the heart had quit. We still miss her today!

 Mark and his mama on the trunk of the 55 chev in Key West.  Still his favorite place in the world.
We had this '55 Ford when Mark was born.

(If I can find a baby picture I will come back and paste it)



HAPPY 55th Birthday to your son.

Jean said...

Wishing Mark a Happy Birthday!!!

betty said...

Happy birthday to Mark! Life was so simple back then, wasn't it? They didn't do ultrasounds for babies, you didn't know the sex of the baby, the mom was often put asleep for the delivery, etc. Now it is so high tech, they can diagnose prenatal anomalies with the babies and often fix them before the babies were born. I'm not sure what is the best way to go, but I admire those parents that could see what they are having for a child, but choose to wait until the baby is actually born.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

A very happy Birthday to the baby of your family. So glad you got to do a little celebrating with him. I have a flag pole here that is on the porch, not the in the yard but fly it proudly. Just when I think you've got everything done there at the new house, you find something else to do. The addition of the fly pole is a great idea. Snow and cold here....they say it is 10 degrees but feels like -2 this morning.

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday Mark!!!!

Mevely317 said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, cutie! (Great taste in restaurants ... LOL!)

Cute story about Sherry kicking the nurse! I wouldn't share with my sweet son, but his birth-day was near a nightmare. I'd no clue what was in store, all I clearly recall was this huge black rubber mask being put over my mouth and nose. Lights out! Even in '69 things were so archaic. Troy's dad and my mom weren't even allowed in the room at the same time as the baby.

Congrats on getting your flagpole installed!

Paula said...

Happy birthday Mark and many more to come. Yes having a baby is quite different in this day, The Daddy is more involved in the whole pregnancy which is good I think.

Dar said...

Happy Birthday from up north too., and many, many more.
Birth days have changed in the way things are done but the baby still comes when God wants him/her to come into this world. It's all good. Then the real test comes, parenting.
Cool cars you had back when I was 5., very cool. If only they still made them as wonderful today. hmmm
It's still bitter cold, we had a wind chill of minus -20's so not as bad as expected. Now we have a snow storm coming for a couple days. We are predicted to get over 8 inches this time.....Bill will be trying out his new plow set-up. Hugs from our part of God's country

shirl72 said...

Happy Birthday Mark and you are lucky to have good parents that love you and
celebrate your Birthday. Hope you had a good time.. Be glad you are in Fl. it
is freezing here...but will warn up tomorrow...coldest weather we have had.
We will survive.

Rick Watson said...

Those look like good boys. I know you and Sherry are proud.

Sheila Y said...

Happy belated Birthday to Mark! Sheila