Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The new door is in

Well the first stage of the bathroom is complete. Just a simple door. I was lucky, Mark dropped by. I think he likes us being in Florida.  Plus he knew it was about time for the block to come out for the door, so he dropped in.

He is sure dad is too old to do this stuff. The door was completed in about 3 days, taking one day to drive Mark to Haines City (south of Orlando) to look at a car he was interested in.  After driving it he passed it by. He headed for a friends house then home to Port Richey. Leaving me with the trim and paint (He trusts me to do that. LOL)

But tonight at about 8:30 all the tools were put away, area cleaned up, and scrap lumber stored.

(The door from the dining/living room side. Notice Sherry has moved our big Christmas tree from the Motorhome to our house, so we are moving (slowly))

Caulking done and the two coats of paint applied. Just a simple door, but when it is in concrete block and plaster it becomes a ‘REAL JOB’. This door jamb measures eleven inches, the normal jamb is 4-5 inches.  But it is done… The door is the biggest job of the bathroom, in my opinion.
(I had to pour concrete under the door last night. Tonight I added ceramic tile to finish the job.)
Of course I have to break thru the 4-6 inches of concrete to bring the plumbing into the house.

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betty said...

Looks good! Wow, sounds like a big undertaking with breaking through all that concrete :)

Beginning to look a lot like Christmas with the Christmas tree decoration!


Paula said...

The door looks very nice and Sherry is even ready for Christmas with that large Christmas tree. The size doesn't matter, just whats in the heart.

Lisa said...

The door looks good though im confused on the size of that jamb. (I always said "jam" until I read your blog and learned something). I can picture you building while Sherry is in the background setting up Christmas. Its coming around Jack and yall are doing a great job!

Happy Winter ! Its 24 here today brrrrrr

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It looks great ! Glad you got some help. Somethings are just easier done when you have an extra set of hands. It's always nice to have family close by.


GREAT job.

Dar said...

Jack, you are Some great handyman. You and Bill could build me a pretty nice sunroom. Let's see, he's gotten lots of toys lately, and now is adding a plow to his side-by-side soooo, I need to light a fire under that boy. My turn. lol. A girl can dream. Merry Christmas to you Both.
love n' hugs from our lovely 34 degrees.

Mevely317 said...

Wow, that's some deep doorway (jamb?)!
Everything looks so clean and bright. The wee tree looks perfect!

2023 said...

THAT is a perfect size tree. But you, Jack, are looking a little skinny. Please take an extra helping of whatever Sherry is cooking tonight. And maybe break down next time & each have your own biscuit at McD's(also, I own their stock, so I want you to ring up a bit more of a bill).

Giovanni said...

This definitely sounds like quite the project with having to break through concrete. But it also sounds like fun. I am a huge fan of do-it-yourself projects, and I am sure this one will be a success. Good luck with the rest of the project, and I am curious to see how it turns out!

Giovanni @ Coastal Contract Hardware