Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Trouble, love, personal and financial

(Pictures.... animals in trouble, People should take the cats advice, read, especially  instructions)

Over the years I have known folk who no matter how hard they worked, they could never seem to get ahead. They lived from payday to payday. I know of cases where it was the ‘buy now enjoy it, pay later’ (sucker) Ads.

There are many problems in life that are ‘self-inflicted’.   Many times it is ‘not understanding the simple Financial fact that it is ‘IMPOSSIBLE’ to ‘borrow’ yourself out of debt. I am afraid our government has taught many of our citizens just the opposite, by trying to borrow the USA out of debt. OUCH.

In marriage there are too many ‘self-inflicted’ errors. I see one of these as ‘man’s work’ and ‘woman’s work’ mind set, in both sexes. It is easy, if you are old, to see how this came about. Many parts of our great country sustained the citizenry by farming. House hold chores were enough to keep a ‘woman’ busy 12-14 hours a day. Animal care, hunting and tilling the soil was a sunup to sundown job for the man.  Both jobs were tough, but they did it. 

Pearl Harbor infamously came around and women went to work in factories because the men were off to war.  When the men returned, many women kept on working and we became more a nation of mama and daddy’s working.

UH oh, he is in trouble!
Like my blue nose?

That produced the ‘Archie Bunker’ syndrome, the man sitting listening to the radio while the woman, who had worked 8 hours herself went into the kitchen to ‘fix supper’. That has never been fair but was accepted, for a while.

(Hurry up before mommy gets here.  There many times we can enlist animals to help also)

Over the years some of us men never learned, and the divorce rate climbed.  The marriage problems were many times self-inflicted because of ‘the man’s ego’. Many men decided they would not do ‘women’s work’, and later learned the hard way by keeping house themselves. A survey lately found men washed and changed their sheets 3 or 4 times a year (honest) !!!!! (Men don’t want to wear out the sheets)

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shirl72 said...

I'm sure you have heard me say I could have been the laziest person growing up.
When I started helping Mother she would say practice your piano lesson or do
your home work. I think I may have gotten on her nerves trying to help. I do love
to do my chores and what needs to be done. Like seeing the animals you will know
when you read your e-mail.

betty said...

We sort of have an equal balance in things getting done here at this season of our lives. I clean the house because I have more time. He likes to cook and I gratefully let him do so. He will retire before I retire. Then there will be the "division of chores". Right now he makes more than I do, is on the road more than I am, so it seems logical for me to keep up the house. I think a balance has to be established with the couple with whatever works best for them.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

With both working, mom and dad, it takes the whole family pitching in. When I went back to work all the jobs were shared. Even the youngest had one. I loved the days of being at home and doing for my family but things had changed and I went back to work for many years. When I retired I was debt free and that is a good feeling. Your advice today is good and hopefully will help some who need it.

Lisa said...

I'm old fashioned in the mind set that if women does not work, then she should keep up the house work, laundry and cooking and keep her working man happy. Sadly it takes two working to keep the finances up. The world has made us that way. I'm lucky though. My man has been out of work for a while now but while I work 8 hrs a day, he helps me with the laundry, dishes, and house work. He also has my dinner ready when I get home each day. Oh and he has still managed to get the house paid off and keeps us debt free. He was taught to save and Im the one that lives payday to payday.

Love from over here

Mevely317 said...

Good stuff! I don't recall being privy to my parent's fiscal situation, but about the time I entered "junior" high, mother went back to work ... I can only presume to support her daughter's spending. LOL!

I seriously have to give props to Tom for pitching in. Aside from the laundry, he shoulders 99% of the household chores, automobiles, etc. Yup, I'm blessed!

2023 said...

I'd rather vacuum or do the laundry than change a tire or my auto oil, so....
I think women & men both often have unfair expectations in relationships & often equally bear the responsibility for a marriage ending(those unfair expectations only being one factor in the high divorce rate). Of course there are some devils(like you, Jack) & some angels(like, Sherry, for instance), but on the bell curve....

Woody said...

I do the Laundry, hers and mine, I took this job to help with Anna Maes back problems, we share the cooking, we share housework except I don't right so I can't do that, I do however know how to "Dance with a Mop" and she even complimented on my "Gait" as I swung that old mop from side to side and covered a large area.
Well, it's snowing and blowing again so time for a walk around the building and look outside !
You 2 stay warm and behave yourselves !!
Love from the Frozen North !!
Gary & Anna Mae

Dar said...

Great one, Jack. You say it as you sees it......and you're right. We also share in the many chores around here. But, we take time to also share in each others happiness. Sure we ' fight nice ' once in a great while but never ever go to bed without sealing it with a kiss after resolving our differences.
I sure appreciate him mopping and sweeping for me.....two of the hardest jobs for me since my back is such a mess. Expectations are always high when a young couple first marry, but they learn in a hurry, if they want it to work, they both have to work at it.~ life is good when we keep the faith and love rolling.
Hugs from our frozen tundra also...if only the wind would take a hike. It feels like minus weather ...... brrr, feels like my blood is getting thick~