Friday, December 2, 2016

When did you start your adult life?
I was a Marine, 17 years old. I thought I was adult enough to ask Sherry to marry me, and bless her heart she said yes. She was 18, working in a Hosiery Mill. Maybe I thought SHE was adult enough for both of us. LOL

 This year has been her 60th HS reunion and our 60th wedding anniversary.  We smile at each other and still say, “It has been a great ride.”  OH, but were we adults?  Not by a long shot, but we grew up together. In the beginning WE knew we needed a budget to make it work, so I found a cigar box, we sat down and made little envelopes and labeled them.  We vowed to TRY to stay within that budget.  We were adult enough to do that. LOL

This is two of our first friends after marriage. Marian and Dallas, from PA. (Then and now, still friends)

I read that today most marriages fail due to financial troubles. The couple rough periods in this marriage was never about finances. Usually my jealousy or stupidity was the root of the arguments.

WE budgeted for most of our lives.  Savings has always been part of our budget, no matter how small.  Even when we did not divide the weeks/month’s pay up in small envelopes we still knew we could not spend more than we earned.  WE have been a team, a good one. We spend now (She says jack SPENDs, and we both can laugh), but in remodeling she knows the receipts from Lowes are for the both of us.

I know there are readers out there older than I.  We all know that each year has 365(366) days, they are all the same length, but as we have aged they do seem to roll faster, sorta like a roll of toilet paper towards the end! I want to enjoy this life until the end of the roll and then use the core!!

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PS: There was a time I did not think about living to 60 years of age, much less being married over 60 years. WE have seen happy and unhappy marriages, and I understand them both. But I will never stop thinking how sweet it is to have made the right decision at 16. That is when I set my sights on Sherry Harris.

Friend Dallas had a green Olds about this year. He once changed the engine using vice grips, adjustable wrench and a screw driver. I wasn't that mechanical.


Mevely317 said...

Another heart-warmer.
Don't stop ... OK?

(It's been a long day; 'scuze my brevity.)

betty said...

You guys did the Dave Ramsey money management years ago before he made it famous. Maybe you should ask for a cut in the money he has made off it (he advocates cash put into envelopes like you guys did for various expenses in case you aren't familiar with him, but he's great in getting people out of their financial problems into living debt free, saving money, etc.) You guys had a mutual plan and you worked on it together. That's commendable and to reach the "rewards" of it over the 60 years together! A great accomplishment!


Lisa said...

This was another sweet post. You guys are something. Ive never understood the argument over money in a marrage, but then again, me and nick hold seperate checking accounts and whats mine is mine and whats his is mine too. :) Thats what he says.

bakeing a cake in NC

Unknown said...

Wow, this made me tear up. How beautiful. And also funny about using the toilet paper ;)
Your friend from