Thursday, June 15, 2017

Failed building inspection and a great Coincidence.

Little known facts:
1.   Recycling one glass jar saves enough energy to operate a television for three hours.
2.   The cigarette lighter was invented before the match.
3.   The main library at Indiana University sinks over an inch a year. When it was designed engineers failed to take into account the weight of all the books that would occupy the building.

Now let’s talk government!
Grandson Josh and sweet wife Megan needed a nice building to play in.  She is a Nurse first and artist second.  Josh is a software specialist first and a professional musician second. The building is a relief valve for space, it to be called the ‘Art House’.
Mark is handling the construction. For the first time in our careers we have (Illogically) failed two inspections. Over a hundred houses and no major problems, then a Work/Storage building we are stymied. It was time to talk to the head inspector. I got my ducks in a row. I have spent a good bit of time with building inspectors. Mark and I are used to walking in and talking to inspectors.
As I waited, a security guard looked across the shined floors, smiled and called out, “How are you today?”
“Fine,” I answered too loud methinks. Then I thought and said across the building, “I lied, I ‘ain’t fine,’ or I would not be here.”  He waved, smiled, gave me the thumbs up, everyone laughed.
Two layers of bureaucracy exist before you see an inspector. They were very friendly but kept me insulated from an inspector (they did their jobs well).  Finally after some bantering I did get to see a supervisor. He walked out to me.
“Whoa,” I said loudly again (everyone looked around) “I wanted to see a little guy and they send out Goliath!”  That drew a laugh and broke down the barriers.

 (It is good to have a BIG friend!)

“Nah, no Goliath,” he smiled, “I’m a Teddy Bear.”  He was a good guy.
At a big conference table I laid out the plans. And explained the problems. I said, “First let me explain, this is a family project. I and my son are licensed NC General Contractors.  We have built in this county and the neighboring counties. Building over a hundred houses we never failed an inspection until we got involved in this work/storage building. To be honest I think your inspector thinks Josh is building a ‘mini-home’ for his mother in law. Seeing the Florida auto tags is assuming we are outsiders. I just want to say to you, we are Tar Heels, presently living in Florida. All our family is here. We are not outsiders.”
“Sounds about right, do you build in Florida?”
“NO I am retired and travel. Our journey has taken us to over 26 countries and all 50 states. We are here to help Josh. I would rather be in Maine finishing the AT.  That was the magic word, the AT.  The Supervisor was a hiker. He was losing 90 pounds so he can have a hip replacement and get back on the AT. 
To try to shorten this, his trail name is ‘Heavy Load’, he is ordering my book. So you can figure the meeting went well, not as much as I wanted, but I got the okay on the main stuff.  He agreed, like his inspector, the building is well built, Imma hoping things will go better now that I have a friend called ‘Heavy Load’.

Nite Shipslog
 This '41 Mercury would have been right at home at the service station.


betty said...

Good you had something in common with the inspector with the AT and finally got to meet with him. Maybe you needed to fail those inspections to be able to make the connection with him. He could end up being a good friend, who knows?



Perhaps you will become good friends with the supervisor. There must have been a reason you were thrown together like you were.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It sounds like its a great thing you were able to be at the meeting. Glad you all got the approval and can move forward. And wonderful that you now have another fan to boot!

Paula said...

I find this post very interesting for several reasons. First the recycling a glass jar. I'm having trouble with John over recycling. I work hard at it and then he will at times throw it in the trash. We went to see the City inspector several years ago because our neighbor in the back moved a second small house (not a storage shed) on his lot behind his house. I told the inspector I waited 65 years for a brand new house and now this little house is ugly. He told me he couldn't help ugly. Now the next house over has built a small house (not a storage shed) in his back yard. This is the same neighbor who parks the big oil field truck and is tearing up the street. I hate to make a big commotion and not get along with my neighbors but it sure is disappointing.

Lisa said...

I hope it gets going now! Its great when you can find someone you can relate to and will listen. Good job Jack!

Bored at work

shirl72 said...

Glad you and Josh got everything OK I have learned a lot of people that are
in control. If you have any more trouble let me know and I will try to help.
Glad everything worked out. Since I resigned from Belmont Historic Society I am staying out of everything. They all know me and lots of people remember our DAD. Glad everything worked out OK. Josh and Steve are into Music.
They are both very good.

Dar said...

So you failed an inspection, made acquaintance with another hiker/admirer of fine writing, or at least he will be, and the building is now a go...great job. It's all in who ya know, right? Sounds like you have talented artists and musicians in your family too. That's fantastic. I'm not surprised.
love n' hugs from up north. We split and piled firewood this morning and cultivated onions, pumpkins and potatoes today...then a fine spaghetti supper here with mom and family. We sure love long days.

Woody said...

Glad things went well with the Inspector, Things gotta move forward!!! Finally camped again, Glad things are going OK, take care down there,
Gary and Anna Mae

Mevely317 said...

Your Florida tags + their presumptions is SO unfair!!! I wonder how much of that bullying really goes on?

Thank goodness, your maintaining an aura of 'good cheer' resulted in a positive (cross-fingers) mediation; and hopefully, another new friend.