Monday, June 19, 2017

Our first time Living in the DC area

FIRST: Thanks Lisa for the fix of my blue overlay for 'My Pictures', They are now clear. THANKS!
Little known facts:
1.    Toxic house plants poison more children than household chemicals do.
2.   You are more likely to be infected by flesh-eating bacteria than you are to be struck by lightning.
3.   According to Genesis 1:20-22, the chicken came before the egg.

With last night’s entry mentioning DC a lot of memories came up.  I cannot find a picture I wanted to show but it is the family with President Johnson.  Some of the family was very impressed. There is a slight misconception, the picture was taken at the Wax Museum. LOL
To give you an idea when we were there, LBJ was president the first time. I remember the big Texan getting in trouble with the press back then by pulling his Hound or Beagle’s ears. The animal rights activists were just beginning big time. He lifted the dog’s front legs off the ground with his ears. The dog didn’t seem to mind but the press did (well, they seemed to relish talking about his ‘cruelty’.)
During our stay there that tour the Very Active leader of the American Nazi Party was assassinated while doing his laundry at a coin laundry.
One more incident in the apt. complex Sherry woke me up one night while I was having a bad dream. I was in IBM repair school and in my dream I was working on a 407 Accounting Machine, and when I would try to fix something it would blow up, BAM!
When she finally got me awake she said, someone is shooting! (When he would shoot, my dream machine would blow up). LOL! A man on the 2nd or 3rd floor was shooting from his window at anything that moved. He never hit anyone. A swat team fired tear gas into the room but not after missing once. Our apt filled with tear gas and we exited the back.  He was subdued, no one was injured.
Those were the odd incidents I remember. We had a great time. The school was excellent, Our first time in the DC area.  We climbed the Washington Monument and we got to visit the Smithsonian(s). Places Every American should get to see.
 (Full size rockets, I think a space shuttle and a full size locomotive. These museums are fantastic.)
Funny what can kick in the old memories!
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never a dull moment in your lives.

shirl72 said...

You and Sherry have sure had an interesting life. Interesting to hear some of the adventures you have gone through. My life has not been dull. I can recall some things that happened exciting. Life is good and I am happy to be settled and enjoying all my days.

Paula said...

I've had trouble getting into blogs, gonna have to go back and make sure I didn't miss any of your interesting posts.

Lisa said...

Im glad I could help. I learned that at Google University. Ha!
Wow these are some interesting stories you have here. Thats just crazy about the shooter!
Ive always thought that about the chickens! Lol. Just like there were trees before seeds..

Keep em coming!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Sounds like you had an exciting time there. Maybe more than you wanted for sure. I've never been there, but there is certainly a lot to see.

betty said...

I was impressed that the Smithsoinian museums were free. You had interesting times there.


Mevely317 said...

I agree, every young man/woman would benefit from visiting D.C. Nice to hear how y'all enjoyed your *first* time living there.

(Funny, it doesn't seem all that long ago LBJ-and-company were in the White House.)