Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Reunions and Just One day at a time…….

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…A sneeze travels out your mouth at over 100 m.p.h.
…Most of the dust particles in your house are dead skin.
    There is a company that will (for $14,000) take your ashes and compress them into a synthetic diamond to be set in jewelry for a loved one.
One day at a time……. 
I know that is a wise mantra.  But so many times in this life it is very hard to do. How do we really do that?

That cannot mean do not make plans, in life you must make plans.   Your DOCTOR, beauty shop appts etc.  So Living one day at a time does not mean NEVER think of the future, we must.

Don’t get me wrong, I know what it means (I think).  When you follow someone like MA, you get the idea, that girl has been able to master the task.

               (WHO will be at this reunion?)

Hey, I can do it for a few days, but if I don’t watch it I will borrow some perceived trouble from the future. My girl graduated from HS. She has a reunion every year now. It was every 10 years, then shortened to every 5 years.  Now that more folk are going to be buried each year, the class reunions are yearly. Do all classes do that?
          (Anyone see Max?  He started this!)

Anyway the reunion is held on or near our wedding anniversary, Sept 22.  I like to head south as soon as possible so I asked for a Dr. apt in early Sept. The only thing open was 26 Sept. I said, “I will be here anyway, so I’ll take it.”
         (I sure hope the food is better this year!)
So this year the class reunion is scheduled for 9 Sept. Now I look at the schedule and say a bad word, if my apt was earlier I could be headed south the 10th of Sept and have our anniversary dinner in the Deep South.  LOL
Don’t take that wrong, some of my best friends are in Sherry’s class and I do like to see them. I just wish the reunions were in June.  LOL.
(Will you look at what she is wearing, she thinks she is still in High School)

That is just an example of NOT LIVING ONE DAY AT A TIME. So I am going to try to live for this day and let the future take care of itself, because IT is a fact, I CANNOT CHANGE THE FUTURE!
 (That is all for this year's reunion, I sure hope Ed sings better next year!)

Nite Shipslog (386)

These were new cars when Sherry's class graduated.

                 1956 Ford
        above the 1956 Chevy Below the 1956 Buick


Mevely317 said...

Your captions are hysterical, Jack!

Ya. I'm a pathological planner; so while the concept of "one day a time" is appealing ... were it a class, I'd probably flunk.
Did you ask; if maybe, the doctor can work you in earlier if they've a cancellation?


Never been to a class reunion. Maybe you can get into see the doctor on a cancelation then you wouldn't have to hang around til the 26th of the month.

betty said...

Maybe you are meant to be in town for a bit longer this time before you head south. I like Ma's attitude with her gratitude and taking one day at a time. I'm either living in the past or worried about the future. I need to ground myself in the present.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Thanks so much for the complement. I do try to live a day at a time but like everyone else, the are always dates on my calendar for special celebrations or appointments like today's hair cut. I have learned that we can make all the plans we want, but that doesn't mean it always goes the way we want it to. That's why today is meant for living to the fullest, It's ours to make the most of.

Dar said...

One day at a time, one minute at a time actually. We have class reunions every 5 yrs. and this yr is Bill's 50th. He doesn't want to go and I will follow what he wants. He says he already sees all the guys he'd always kept in touch with and that's all that's important to him. Works for me.
Guess what, yep, it's raining again. We sure have had a soggy 2017. What garden items have not washed away are doing wonderful. One day at a time.
love n' hugs from up north where the bridge work by the mill seems in a stand-still....hmmmmmmmmmm

Lisa said...

You have me laughing over here! The picture captures are just too funny.
I have been out of high school for 30 years this year but I have never been invited or even knew about any reunions. hmmm.

Keep it funny Jack, one day at a time.

Woody said...

We have a Class Reunion every Memorial Day weekend, we lose a few every year, some young, some older, my class has lost several, Vietnam and Agent Orange, and Heart problems.
I try to live "One Day at a Time" but it does not work!!!!
Any way, hope you both are in Good Health, and enjoying yourselves, sending warmest regards from the North, Gary and Anna Mae

Paula said...

Our whole school has a reunion every year. My class had one for ten and then fifty. There was only 19 in our graduating class so you can imagine a lot passed and some aren't interested in going.