Sunday, June 25, 2017


We are wrapping up our short holiday.  It is Sunday evening and I finally got someone to cut the grass. Sooo, the short 500 miles paid off.  Honestly we don't just take off for  a 500 mile drive very often.  Most traveling days are 400 miles or less.  I do get concerned about my age. I still feel comfortable behind the wheel of a car or the motor home at 78 years of age.  Folks still want to be where I am even when I am 2-5 mph over the speed limit.  I am not comfortable on the road at night in the city.  I see too many distracting lights. LOL

I think most Americans, no matter their age, find if they want to drive the speed limit they are intimidated by drivers who want to go at least 10 mph over the limit. One of my sons says the speeder (like him) is a much safer driver.  I tell him that the speeder is usually the first one on the scene of an accident.  

About our house. I learned something on this trip.  YOu must stay a couple nights to see if there are any problems.. The first problem noticed was I did not put an outlet at Sherry's neat dressing table.  I will remedy that in the Fall.

We do other things in bed other than sleep...............  OH WAIT, I mean other things like READ!  We read in bed.  I have installed track lighting over the head board in the MH and that makes reading easy.  I will do the same here. I lay in bed and read holding the book between me and the over headlight.

So far that is two things more to do.

Nite Shipslog

Random selection, looks like a '60's Ford 500


Mevely317 said...

Glad to hear your 'shake down cruise' was a success, and y'all are home safe and sound!

I, too, am intimidated by speeders. Still, I'd rather they come around and get in FRONT of me than in back. Tom's been known to comment, "He's sure in a hurry to get dead."


my husband also sees too many distracting lights at night, so he doesn't like to travel then. i think slow drivers are just as dangerous as the ones who speed.

Lisa said...

Glad yall made it back safe. You skeered me, I thought you were gonna talk about frisky business under those track lights. Hope yall enjoy staying in your house. I know yall love ypur Wheelestate best though.

Nick said thats a 61 Ford. He googled it, I just made my guess by the front tag.


Paula said...

You're both lucky you can do those little chores without calling someone in. I sure miss Mel for that. John's raising cattle and growing peanuts isn't much good for us at our age.

betty said...

Hubby drives in the flow of traffic. Sometimes that's the speed limit, sometimes its a bit above it. He doesn't want to be the lone one going too fast or too slow.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It always seems I go too slow. Someone is always passing me. I go the speed limit which is something others rarely do. Speed tickets just are not in my budget. Glad you found those little things that need fixing. It's true that until you live in a place you really never know. I'm thankful that where I live now, everything works and I like it a lot. There is nothing that needs fixing ! You are blessed that you can do the work yourself and not have to pay someone else. It's hard to find someone that can be trusted and not cost an arm and a leg to do the work. Wishing you safe travels where ever you go !