Monday, June 5, 2017

Social life Continues in the Mountains

Relaxing here in a peaceful valley in the edge of the Blue Ridge we have lots of options. One is to also spend some time with Friends up here.   One Young lady, Mary Ann, my age lives about 800 more feet UP the mountain.  You might recognize the name, it is the title of one of my books. The book is fiction of course and tells of Mary Ann being kidnapped and her rescue.  So while here we get to visit Mary Ann (and Hubby Buck). Across from her is Jim and Donna and a little further is Frank.

Other RV'ers we know happened to be parked here. Jerry and Vee & Bill and Virginia.  We know them from Florida camping. Bill and Virginia stopped by to invite us to a get-together down town Lenoir at the Mayflower Fish House.  We were glad to know that our former RV pastor and wife (Ron and Nancy Wellner) would be up.

Of course Sherry called Don & Evelyn and they came up also.  Roy & Shelby came too. There were many more as you can see in the photo.
 The others I recognize, but not by name. Some of these folk have been RV'ing together off and on for 10-15 years.

Food was good, the waitresses were efficient & nice.  Although I could not understand too much in crowds, it was good seeing these folk. 

Afterward Don & Evelyn stopped by our site to visit.  Buck stopped by for a few minutes on his way up the mountain from his golfing and dinner.

Some of the folk read the Shipslog and of course read this 'internationally read' author's books. To be truthful I was asked when is the next book coming out.  I did get praise for 'Johnny' for which I was grateful.

I must say Evelyn seldom gives me any slack if the blog is not on time, but is letting me slide some with this sketchy internet. 

The picture is compliments of Evelyn, taken on Jerry's Tablet by a waitress. Jerry is a retired Jarhead (Semper Fi)!

Since I see a signal now, and no one knows what tomorrow may bring I will post two entries today! 

Nite Shipslog 


Lisa said...

Great group photo!
Let me guess now. Mary Ann is the mountain lady that spoke kindly of me. Huh? I think she is the sweetest and remember visiting her at the campground once. I admired her crochet tallent! She is the mother of my friend Robin. Sweet family.


betty said...

What a great gathering of friends! So neat so many are together in one local spot to be able to enjoy fellowship with each other!


Paula said...

Oh I remember that book about Mary Ann, it was a good one. Sounds like a good time is going up on there. I'm so happy for you all.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I guess you do have quite the social life there. So many good friends make for a great time I'd say! Enjoy !

Jean said...

I've got most all your books and a while back got the three newest on my tablet. Hoping to get to catch up, but having to see after things around here I don't have much time. I'm reading Johnny now. Nice picture of your get together.

Mevely317 said...

Aw shucks; I was hoping Mary Ann was in the picture so I could put a face with her name.
Nevertheless, I'm so impressed by the genuine hospitality and warmth. Here's to good times!

Dar said...

It's a wonderful thing having such a great crowd of friends you camp with and know so well. You are living the American dream. Love this and the awesome photo of you all. Also, loving more matching campers and cars. Soooo cool!
love n' hugs....our new heating system gets installed tomorrow so we are ahead of the game for winter....yippee!!!!!


what a great bunch of friends in that photo.