Wednesday, June 14, 2017

When you grow up!

 Little known facts:
1.   In space, astronauts cannot cry because there is no gravity and tears can't flow.
2.   Most lipstick contains fish scales.
3.   A "jiffy" is an actual unit of time: 1/100th of a second.
Kid’s actions:
No one can predict what a child from 1-15 will become with much accuracy. One of the family questions that comes up when you meet your Uncles, Aunts or other seniors:  What do you want to be when you grow up?
In my early years many boys wanted to be Train Engineers, I wonder how many actually did.
 ........    ..........    .......
Kids do some of the dumbest things and expect positive results, because someone older said, “This will work, you have to try it.”

Some girls hated curly hair and wanted it straightened.  Others had ‘straight hair and wanted it curly.  There were many crazy things tried, different foods or soaking your hair in some wild fruit solution.  Some actually had their friends iron their hair for them.

I learned a couple years ago that under a microscope Curly hair is flat and straight hair is round.  So no amount of action taken by the individual will change the curl to straight or vice versa permanently.
 But Freckles.......
Ah, my sweet sister Katherine. She hated her freckles.  Cousin Bonnie had the same dislike.  One day Bonnie learned the ‘SECRET’ to erase freckles. So on a Friday night Bonnie spent the night with us. They had a plan. The process would take 4 hours, something like a mud pack, BUT using fresh ‘cow manure’. These teen age girls were ready to do anything to get rid of the freckles.
When everyone was asleep, the girls had a flashlight and headed to the cow pasture behind our house and found a nice warm pile. They carefully put the manure on each other’s face. Kat and Bonnie both went to sleep while waiting. They overslept. Mama woke them up early Saturday morning.

They jumped and ran out the door to the pump and started pumping wildly. Kat thought the pump would never catch a prime and give water, but it did. They washed up, and rushed to look in a mirror.  It did not work. They were embarrassed and disappointed. They couldn’t jump on the girl that had ‘gave them the secret’ because they couldn’t admit they had been so gullible.
Oh well, both eventually lost their freckles (it musta worked! LOL) and turned out to be wonderful ladies. Kat turned out to be one of the most precious people in the world.
Ever wish you hadn't done that?
One never knows, does one?

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Paula said...

Funny about the girls trying to get rid of the freckles. Some of the things teenage girls do to try to be prettier. One time a girl used the old fashioned curling iron on my hair (the kind they put on a stove burner)and she burned my ear. Ouch!

Lisa said...

I had a sister so there was a time we cut each others! Thats a finny story about the freckles. My sister was pale skinned with many freckles. She still has them. I could also tan in the sun and she could not. I told her those freckles were teeny tiny tans and eventually they would all be together. Haha.

Welcome home

betty said...

Too cute about the freckles and trying to get rid of them! Would be a bit stinky I would imagine!!



what a funny story about the freckles. sad girls will do anything to make themselves more beautiful than they are as is.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'd never heard of that way to get rid of freckles and cannot imagine doing such a thing, but it's true that those with freckles never like them at all. As I get older things like that bother me less and less it seems. Now I'm all about being comfortable not beautiful. Ha!

Mevely317 said...

That's crazy about the way hair looks under a microscope! My mother had wonderful, naturally wavy locks ... I inherited but a smidgen; and thin at that.

Too funny about Kat's freckles adventure! Personally, I think freckles on boys and girls are adorable.

Dar said...

I had so many freckles as a kid and my brothers always threatened to play dot-to-dot on my face. I didn't mind having freckles tho. Dad always said it took a special kid to grow them. It made me feel better.
As for me, I STILL don't know what I want to be when I grow up. lol
From up north where the weather went from frightful to nice. Hugs to you and your lovely Sherry. love you guys.