Saturday, June 24, 2017

The 500 mile day trip

Since we had never spent a night in our new home in Florida, after 6 months we decided to take a day or two and come down and remedy that. And cut the grass while we were here.  It is pretty hot in  Florida and  there was some other things to do.  It is a relaxed couple days but busy. The house is in good shape, but the grass was already high and Mark cut it last week.

That is a very strange thing to me.  We bought the house and  and only cut the grass a couple times in 6 months.  We had planned to get a lawn maintenance guy to handle it but I thought since it hadn't grown much while we had been here there as no need.  OUCH, I was wrong.  son took a picture before he cut it last week and it was knee high. tomorrow I hope to get the neighbor kid to keep it cut.

OH yes, the house A/c works great!

Anyway that is what's going on in our world.  WE gonna head home Monday morning.

Night Shipslog
 We ran across the truck in the Villages in 2012 If I ever had an acre front yard, I would want this as my yard decoration. Like that mature tree in the truck bed?  Sherry looks the best though!


Mevely317 said...

Heck. With all the modern miracles available at an average Lowe's or Home Depot, you'd think by now someone might have invented a spray to keep one's lawn at a perfect 1" length for 90 days (or your money back). (*smile*)
Stay safe out there on those highways and byways!

betty said...

I wondered where you two were yesterday. So unique not to have a daily post from you. Glad you finally "christened" the new house and spent a night in it. Good too that the A/C worked! A necessity this time of year in Florida (and Phoenix). Did Florida get a lot of rain recently? That will wreck havoc on the grass growing. Our grass (weeds) really took off earlier this year when we had a lot of rain. Doubled in size overnight and then took a few days to get someone to mow it. We did sign up with a lawn maintenance place that comes out once a month because that's all we need right now. Front is mainly rocks and the weeds that grow around them and 3 bushes. Back has a patch of grass and then the pool area. When hubby retires, he'll do the lawn work but for now it frees up his weekends to have someone else do it.

Safe travels come Monday!



So how did it feel to spend the night? Getting someone else to cut the lawn might be the way to go since you're on the road so much.



I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

500 miles is a long way to go to mow the yard for sure ! Hope you can get help from your neighbor. Here I cut the grass every week. And it looks like with all the rain we've had there is no end in sight. April though November is growing season here and also mowing season.

Back Porch Writer said...

The grass can really sneak up on ya! Glad the A/C works well!

Rick Watson said...

The grass here grows like kudzu. There's no way I could go even a month during spring, summer, and fall.
I'm going to sign up for your blog using a different email since the feed doesn't send me notifications when you post an update.

Dar said...

Well, well, you finally got a night in your new it and that Mark took care of it for you this time. We mow and trim every week but, like MA and Rick, rain has changed that to twice a week. As it looks, we may be doing that for quite a spell. I love it tho. The lawns are so lush and green and so easy on bare feet. :) I LOVE that truck and would grow flowers in it all summer, even under the hood, and sell pumpkins and sunflowers out of it in the fall.
love n' hugs from our wet northern soil