Thursday, December 7, 2017

KIssimme and Disney

Historical Photo:

             1895 Paris train wreck
(It is amazing to me that they had equipment to lift or work with something the weight of that engine!)
Greetings from Kissimmee, Florida. Home of Disney World! (Thought it was in Orlando, didn't you!)  I smiled when I wrote that. There was a time I didn’t know the difference in Disney World and Disney land. Of course my girl knew, I think women know everything! (except how to lay-off a house or set trusses!(Dar up in the N. Woods even knows that!) lol)

On our first trip across country Colette and Sonny was with us in a pop-up camper. That is a tent on wheels! We found a campground in Los Angeles and set up the little camper. Sonny and I walked around the campground. At the back was a high fence about 10-12 feet tall. We saw a man walking, we could see him from his waist up above the fence. We kept looking and saw balloons and other decorations and heard music. It took a few minutes but we realized we had camped beside Disney, and they were getting set for a parade.

 (This is the pop-up. This picture was at the Grand Canyon I didn't have one from Hollywood!)

Back at the camper we excitedly told the girls, “We are camped right next to Disney World.” Then told them what we had seen.

“Honey we can’t be next to Disney World, which is in Orlando, Florida. This is California and that must be Disney Land!” (Girls can take the wind out of your sails wanting things to be ‘correct’. LOL)

 In front of that Chinese Theater Sonny and I picked Triggers hoof prints for a picture.
   Below, Sherry and Colette chose Debbie Reynolds prints.

We took a guided bus tour of Hollywood and had a great time. Before we left the area Sherry wanted to drive back thru Hollywood and see some more STARS homes.  We laughed ourselves silly comparing our appearance (car and pop-up camper) to the Beverly Hillbillies as we drove thru Beverly Hills past stars homes i.e. Lucille Ball (can’t think of more, ha!). Passing Rolls Royce’s and exotic sports cars while rubber necking at the sights.  We had a ball.

But we are at Disney because we like this park, Sherwood Forest, is free to us this year. Disney gate is about ½ mile. I noticed the price here is close to $100 a night if you drive in off the street. As my grandsons say, “Living well on the cheap!”
Nite Shipslog

1956 Chevy deliver wagon customized
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Lisa said...

Ok I must be really shelterd because I thought Disney World and Disney land were the same thing! Im lost for words.

Sheltered in Gtown

salemslot9 said...

my Uncle Bobby worked at Disney World
I think construction & mechanical
before & after it was open for business
my family visited the year it opened
and many times after
he passed away this year
I went to California once
but didn't visit Disneyland

betty said...

I type for a group of Florida hospitals and one of them is in Kissimmee. I just love the name of that city :) Sounds like you have a great bargain next to a fantastic place! Been to Disney Lane lots of times. Would like to see Disney World, but not sure if that is happening :)


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I think I'll just stick to saying Disney and leaving at that. I always did confuse the two. You all have seen so much and had lots of good friends to travel with too. I'll leave it to the travel experts! Sherry always keeps you on track!

Chatty Crone said...

You have always had a good time when ever and where ever you were at!


have a fun time at disney.

jadarnel27 said...

I laughed a little at that picture by the camper: Colette in slacks, Grandma in heels and blazer, Sonny in a cardigan and button down shirt - you guys were really roughing it on that camping trip :)

Mevely317 said...

I remember feeling so proud when I learned the correct pronunciation of Kissimmee! :)

Oh, I can only imagine your laughter and good times, tooling around the millionaire's neighborhood. Cheesy as it sounds, Tom and I did the stars' homes tour and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

PS - I probably would've chosen Trigger's hoof prints, too. I loved he and Buttermilk!

Dar said...

Very much a flashback with the camper...also Kissimmee...been there but not to Disney World. I didn't pay much attention to the difference either. You guys sure had fun and still are. Way to go!
As for the 56 Chevy delivery wagon, How in the world did it not drag on the ground? hmmmm
love n' hugs from up north and yep, I know how to set trusses. lololol We came home to snow that needs plowing in our yard.