Tuesday, December 12, 2017

My 'forgetter' works well!

Historical photo:
    (1950s  This black liquid (Coca Cola) was introduced into France!)

From North Carolina...
I remember when there was no bar-codes or scanners. It is hard to believe a man or woman could stand at a pushbutton cash register and punch in the prices of your food, faster than lots of clerks can scan. That same clerk knew the prices of everything in the store. There was a boy or man to bag the groceries and take them out to your car. I can’t remember tips back then either.
When necessary until I left home my mama could call in her orders and they would be delivered no extra charge. I remember talking to a grocer and their markup was at the time 3%.
I am smiling, I remember the slide rule. I still have one somewhere. The little calculators did away with them.
I also remember when the headlight dimmer switch was on the floorboard left of the clutch.
I remember, stopped on a hill,  holding my heel on the brake, toe on the gas pedal and left foot holding the clutch in.
I remember correction tape.
I also remember making Kites.
There were also 5 cent snicker bars and cokes.
And movie popcorn was 10 or 15 cents.
Was that 120 film I remember in the old box camera?
I remember waiting on my pictures to come back to see how many were good. (Or which ones did not ‘take’.)
I remember all that stuff and can’t remember a simple word many times as I am writing. I know I will remember the word or name later so I have finally just starting typing xxx and coming back to fix it when the word comes to me.  I fear one day I will forget to go back and replace the x’s and submit a blog post with a lot of x’s in it. OUCH! 

Yep my forgetter works well, I proved it with this entry. When working on it last nite, instead of saving as a draft, I posted it. GRRRRR
 Nite Shipslog

PS2: Wisdom from the Farmer: 

      Timin' has a lot to do with the 
         outcome of a Rain Dance.
*******  *****************  ************
This custom is referred to as the Lead Sled


Mevely317 said...

LOL ... glad to be in such good company!

Yes, I remember! I remember grocer cashiers pre-scanners, cars' dimmer switches on the floor, correction tape and waiting (impatiently!!!) for my pictures to be developed.
Cute finale, Jack! :)

Chatty Crone said...

I really enjoyed remembering back to some of those things. You remember the card catalog - that is the internet now! sandie

Lisa said...

I posted a draft by accident just the other day too. I hate when that happens.
My dad will tell a story of when he was young, he would go to the country store and a blind man ran the register. He could feel the paper money and know what you gave him. He also knew when he was being cheated or someone was stealing something. I always thought that was remarkable.
I remember most of the things you mentioned here.

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