Saturday, December 2, 2017

Thinking of the past, traveling and my Moorhens

The Historical picture of the day:

 An actual sign in the city during the depression!
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Today in Central  Florida:
We stay at many of the same RV parks in Florida. We see a few the same people where ever we go. But more and more of the older folk are aging out, passing or staying at their homes in the colder climates. I say colder climates, we left North Carolina and NC has mild winters.  When we talk to folk from Toronto, Quebec, the Upper, Michigan or Wisconsin we KNOW why they are here. I am sure they wonder why we left warm NC to come down for the winter. LOL 

But in reality I (we) just like to wander and of course,in the winter, we will not wander 'north.'  Displayed on some  RV's:“All who wander are not lost.” There is such a thing as ‘wanderlust’ I do believe.

Sherry and I were talking the other day and I said, “I don’t know what my problem is, I seem to always want to be where I ‘ain’t’, for some stupid reason.” I think I would like to settle down, but I have thought that before.

 We once bought a nice little place on Lake Dora. We had a nice 70 foot pocket pier. I loved that place. I had a beautiful spot overlooking the lake to paint (I wish I had been writing then). Fishing was great. We had a pontoon boat and the Moorhens were the 'most fun' you have ever seen.
 Here is mama Moorhen and her brood.(I miss 'em)

 I enjoyed talking to them. I enjoyed helping mama Moorhen move from our boat to the pier. I made her a private place, under the pier sink, in a 5 gal bucket before she finally said that would be okay. When her brood came along I fixed them a ramp so they could get back ‘home’ when they were pushed into the lake by their mama.

We had great neighbors. We were just beside the entrance to the ‘famous Dora Canal’, a mile of inland nautical beauty. BUT, but after a while (2yrs) I couldn’t handle it any longer. I needed to roam. Sherry agreed (she is a doll). We sold and hit the road again.

Now we have a cute little house in Deltona. It is a great little place. We love the neighborhood and neighbors. Is it time to settle? Sister Shirl sure wants us to. BUT we are not quite ready. Oh yes, I do ask myself time and time again, is it time. AND then there is a little voice inside that whispers, ‘I don’t think so!’

Nite Shipslog
There was a time when the younger generation dreamed of a unique car. So in the 1950s someone started the 'customizing' fad. many were simple do it yourself jobs, others were expensive as the '56 Ford above. 


Woody said...

Enjoyed your Post on Traveling South from Colder places, coldest I can remember was minus - 40 below zero, this was when you could walk out on a frozen pong or lake and at night you could hear the Ice "Crack", sounded like a rifle going off !! There would be no clouds, and a beautiful star show, I think you should keep traveling as long as you can !!! We will not be able to go south this winter !! Well, Take Care and keep posting, Gary

betty said...

How sweet with your relationship with the Moorhen. I think you will know when it is time to settle and if you don't think it is time to settle, then I think that is a good thing!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Wanderlust does seem to be embedded in your bones. I can only imagine traveling as much as the two of you have done, but I certainly have enjoyed seeing all of the different places through your eyes. There was a time, long ago, when DDH and I thought about selling our home and buying a motorhome to travel the seasons by visiting our children..We have some in the north and some in the south so it wouldn't have been a bad idea. That was never to be so I can only imagine...

Lisa said...

Keep going as long as you can! You are only as old as you feel. Dont stop doing what you love unless it becomes a danger to others.
I have never heard of a moorhen. They are cute little things though. I love feathered animals. I would take these as a pet! If Nick would let me. Haha.

Keep on keeping on

Mevely317 said...

What Lisa just said! :) No regret, m'friend. No regrets.

Boy, that historical picture is sobering. I can't quit thinking about those children and whatever became of them.

Dar said...

You Go For It, Jack and Sherry, as long as God allows your safe travels. It's the rebel in ya. :P)and I mean that sweetly. I love that you took kindness with the moorhen family. It's just who you are. Wow, I cannot imagine ever, EVER being so destitute as to sell my children. I pray they were well taken care of in God's hand.
love n' hugs from up north. It's still mild as far as our winter is going. Just so it snows through Christmas.


the Moorhens were sweet indeed. i love your house in deltona. it would suit me fine.