Wednesday, September 26, 2018

The magic of Old People....

I loved the Nash Metropolitan,, this is one that we owned.

We are in Deltona Florida, we left NC about 4:30 AM and came  via Atlanta. MH was sad, we are beat…..  But tonight’s entry is not about our troubles…..
I actually enjoy sitting down to tell a story. For many years I enjoyed that, especially with children.  Once I lost my hearing I started turning down invitations to events. It was a sad time for me. It was a thrill of mine, strictly a personal thing, to see kids light up, even the grand kids.
I used to ask them what kind of story they wanted to hear. Then I would spin the tale.  They weren’t all prize winners, but the kids thought they were.
I miss that. So I still do tricks for kids. I normally carry several ‘gold dollars’ for kids. My supply of gold dollars is with the coach and I have missed several opportunities. If three kids, I will multiply the one to three so each will get one.
A few years ago our minister was preaching, he is a tee-tottler.  In his sermon he made the statement the only wine he would drink would be if someone turned water to wine.  I can’t always be counted on to be in town so after church he asked if we were going to be in town he would like for me to do the next Sunday mornings service.
I jumped on the chance, one of my best tricks is to turn water to wine. So the next Sunday he had to drink the wine in front of the congregation. After a taste he drank it. I explained it was Kool--aid to the church. But the kids loved it.
As we get older, we cannot do what we used to do. No matter how much some of us OLD people like to say, ‘age is just a number,’ I have learned I cannot lift a sheet of ½” plywood as easily as I could as a young 55 year old man. LOL
But memories are good, and seeing an unruly kid in McDonalds or Walmart calm down when a gold dollar disappears and then appears in their shoe or ear. is fun to me!
We all do magic for grands’. and great grands’, maybe not the sleight of hand type I do, maybe like Rick and Jilda do for the nephews and nieces. As I read your blogs, I see magic you have done for others. We are not the same, but we have so much to offer the kids behind us.  They may be able to tell us about the ‘smart phone’, but we can tell them about life.
Here LIFE is good. We celebrated the youngest Grandson, Luke’s BD. At 22 he is our youngest homeowner in the family. He ( with the help mostly of his dad Mark) is transforming a rundown house (formerly the home of Hell’s Angels) into a beautiful home. With in a year he will own a home worth in excess of 100k. That is from a lot of sacrifice. Naturally grandpa is proud of him, it is something I would do.  I need to get over there and take some pictures.
Life is good.
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Lisa said...

You are such a wonderful person thats seems to love people and kids. I like your postive attitude. You and Sherry will be back to normal soon. You know that.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You are right and I agree, we may get old but there is still a lot we can do. We may not do what we used to, but at least we can still do a lot. Glad you made it to Florida safely and get get done what is needed there. Life is good !

Dar said...

I hear ya about magic and kids, like you did for our grandson. He still remembers the dime trick and the gold coin. As for us ' old ' ones, Bill and I were just saying last night, we aren't as young as we think...he was tired.
I reminded him he wasn't in his 20's anymore but there were only 2 of our 5 kids that could keep up with him. We had a good laugh over it and then we decided that the next time we're all together, perhaps he should challenge them. That was a bigger laugh. Yes, here too, life is good.
love n' hugs from up north of many borders. It's raining again.

betty said...

That is cool that the stuff you taught Mark he is passing on to Luke and Luke will have a great house out of it! Even though we may be old, we certainly can still show magic to the young ones indeed!


Mevely317 said...

That's pretty cute about turning the water into 'wine.'!
I showed this to Tom and he sure identified with the 1/2" sheet of plywood … only he's struggling to figure how to manhandle/make a pattern for one 3/4". Something to do with the boat … I don't understand it. Sure wish you were here to lend a hand!

Woody said...

I too am realizing that I can not do in my 70's what I did in my 50's ! I am just learning to slow down ! Health issues were the main reason ! Hope you get your "Home on Wheels" back soon ! Watching the season turn to "FALL" ! Leaves are turning quickly it seems compared to last year ! Take it easy and you 2 behave yourselves ! Gary