Sunday, December 23, 2018

Cat holes… dig ‘em

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  1982 Dodge Aries

 The here and now:
               Merry Christmas
Oh wow, I forget what a difference a day makes. The trip down was good. Just a little wind and rain at time. But just as we were assigned our RV site, the bottom dropped out. We are used to some problems and try to handle them with common sense, but at times I forget that the sun WILL shine. This is the view out our picture window today. The view when we parked was a deluge (see previous blog picture  of Peace River, you can see the downfall)

TODAY folks are out riding bikes, golf carts and walking their dogs. Groups chatting in front of RVs.  Many regulars renew acquaintances, learn of the others year and families.

Something about this tropical feeling that invites interacting. On my walk to see the river I met a friendly Yorkie, who invited me to pet him. He was frisky, I was surprised when his owner said he was 11 years old. It felt good to pet him and he sure enjoyed it and left smiling.

MOST dog owners take care and clean up after their pets. OF COURSE there is always that 2%+ that feel the rules are NOT for them.

Truthfully, I can remember a time NO ONE cleaned up after an animal. Accepting that was normal activity for animals. And YES many times in my earlier life I have cleaned my shoes after stepping in it.

I had never paid attention to cats defecating. But a few days ago, sitting on the porch edge, my eyes followed ‘Stormy’. She went over by the fig tree, dug a nice hole and dropped her business perfectly in it, turned and then made sure it was covered. I learned to dig a ‘cathole’ in the USMC and the practice is used when backpacking.

I watch my grand dogs and they poop and walk off a couple steps and scratch sand, grass or dirt throwing it ‘toward’ what they just dropped, sort of a proud act, I drop it, you pick it up!  LOL Stormy didn’t make a bid deal of it.  Are there any other animals that cover their waste?

Can dogs be taught to do that?

To be honest, when backpacking, I have asked at times, can humans be taught to do that! :-0
 This is from our walk last evening. This is a paved road headed into that water. Below is a clearer view of more of the 'lake'. There are at least 150 camp sites under that water. Prices from 35-49$ a day, you can imagine how much this place is losing. side note: We have seen the tallest skinniest palms ever here, I am sure some of these dudes are over 50 feet tall.

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betty said...

Wow, a lot of rain to cause so much flooding! We are resilient people though. It may pour one day and we remain indoors but once that sun is out, we are out back again outside trying to soak it all in. We always did take care of our dog's waste so to speak when out and about. We carried a lot of paper towels and plastic bags in our vehicles to make sure we were well covered. Nowadays we seem to have a cat or maybe several who think our backyard is their "dumping" ground.


Chatty Crone said...

Oh my goodness - I never thought about pooping when you are walking th trail or camping. Interesting.
We pick Disco's poop up every time he poops whether in our yard or someone else.

Lisa said...

The idea of flooding out spots is terrible but you have to admit it is sorta pretty. Glad yall made a safe trip. Enjoy more walks. We finally have a blue sky but its 37 degrees. I do not like going out in weather below my age. So when it rises to 49 Ill go out for a walk too.

Merry Christmas Eve.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Glad the sun came out, but it's probably going to be a while before all those campsites dry out. You are one of the lucky ones to get in there, as I'm sure some are wishing they could find one. Hope you have more sunny days ahead and have a happy Christmas Eve.

Glenda said...

A couple of days with sunshine and no rain, you'll be able to walk across those underwater campgrounds. Do a "Sundance" for you in Chobee!!!

Mevely317 said...

Maybe your weather's not unlike what son says about Alabama: "Just stick around another day and things are sure to change." To tell the truth, I've never paid attention to cats' piddling, but now I know what all Macie's kicking up grass and sod is about. Merry Christmas Eve to you and Sherry (and Stormy, too!)


cats are orderly thats for sure.