Saturday, December 22, 2018

EYES, have it!

 Not every car made an impression like the Studebaker. One of the most used comments when it  changed it designs in the late 40's was:
"I can't tell if it is coming or going, which is the front?"

         (Update: Betty commented yesterday about the orange groves in Southern CA being replaced by homes. It is the same here in Florida.  Disney, Universal and hundreds of housing developments are replacing groves. The Citrus tower, at one time was a means of seeing miles of groves, now shows thousands of roofs.)

Now for today..
Merry Christmas Season

           I have never thought a lot about eye color.  I am sure my eyes are blue because my driver’s license says it. Not Striking blue, just a blue. My adopted feral cat, Stormy, has green eyes.   There is a cat on ‘blog salemslot9’ with  eyes two different colors.  My sister Shirley had green eyes. I will never forget the last time I looked into them, I wasn’t looking at color, but deeper.  I will never forget that last look, seconds before she passed. I thought of an old statement, “Eyes are the window of the soul.” Some people have distinct eye color, but for many of us one must study a little I.e. are they more grey or blue? etc

         As a potential lover Sherry was the first person that when I looked into her eyes I knew the color. She has green eyes.She has had problems lately with her eyes ‘sorta burning’. When she asks, “Honey would you put a couple drops in my eyes?” Would I?  Has a cat got a climbing gear? I get at least two, maybe three kisses when I apply drops in those green eyes.

         My girl does have some cat features though. There are times that I could just 'eat her up,' and she acts like I am not around! She will make statements like, ‘I’m just an old woman!’  (I’m smiling) I get a little excited just thinking about her. You see, I am a late-nite person. I tucked her in 2 hours ago, and got a little squeeze loving. She has been sleep reading (smile).  I have said a million times, I love this coach! She just got out of bed to take care of personal business. And YES! It thrills me because I get to see that great body move around. I better shut up or imma be in trouble again. LOL

         Anyway eye color isn’t always noticeable, but a few days ago I complimented a cashier. “Your eyes are beautiful.” (they were a striking BLUE).  ‘They are not mine,’ she replied. I walked off a little confused. 

         Later my girl explained, “She probably had colored contacts.”
I looked up blue  contacts, that is it.

         Oh well, it is never too late to learn. But once you have loved certain eyes, you ain’t getting over it, and no other eyes will matter.
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i have deep dark brown eyes so my husbands green eyes always amaze me.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Eyes are the window of the true. My mom would always look at peoples eyes first, me I look at peoples smiles. However, I think sometimes that people will say one thing, but the eyes say another. Yes, the eyes have it for sure. Hope you both have a very happy Sunday!

Lisa said...

My eyes were dark brown until I gave birth to my green eyed girl. My eye turned light greenish after that.
YOu kids are just too sweet.
Love to read love stories

Off to church

Glenda said...

Can just hear you calling up the radio station and asking for the DJ to play "I ONLY have eyes for you" and dedicating to Sherry!!!

Mevely317 said...

My eyes are dark brown, but I wonder if in my old age they won't turn 'muddy'
like my dad's. Funny about genetics. Like me, son's dad has dark brown eyes, and Troy's came out with the most beautiful green.

Love that saying about eyes being the 'window to one's soul.'

Dar said...

Bill has the most beautiful eyes of blue. Mine are brownish green, Dad's were green, Mom's brown so I have a combo. I love it. Our Andy has his grandpa's green eyes., lucky star. I love looking into eyes. They tell so much about how a person. I love laughing eyes., so bright, happy! Loved this love story you tell about your sweet Sherry. Isn't it wonderful. I won't get another chance to wish you this before then, so Merry Christmas my dear special friends. You're God's gifts to each other and to us.
loven'hugs from up north where we had a beautiful Christmas snow today. It's lovely outside., so clean and pure.

betty said...

Thanks for the mention! I would imagine Florida suffered the same fate as Southern California to give up its orange groves for the progress of Disney. I may or may not post an interesting bit we learned of what Disney was doing in Southern California when we were recently there. The word greed comes to mind.

I have my dad's hazel eyes. Not green, not brown, but hazel. I like it. Eyes truly can tell a lot about an individual. One may smile but their eyes can be so hard looking.