Monday, December 24, 2018

Merry Christmas, presents, and Happy Birthday to some

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The here and now:   Merry Christmas

Christmas Eve is different for many kids.  Around my home there was no mystery, somehow we knew there was no real Santa. My parents never pushed either direction. But since at times we got our presents on Christmas Eve and others on Christmas morning, Shirley and I figured Santa was mama and dad.

But like all kids we wanted to believe in Santa, who wouldn’t?  I still want to believe in him (or her) since Sherry is my Santa!
However as has been repeated so many times, there is nothing like the BRIGHT expectant eyes of a child opening presents. At the churches dad pastored there was ALWAYS a big Christmas tree. Many SS classes drew names and placed inexpensive gifts under the tree. I always wondered how EVERY Child got a present even if they were not regular or not popular.

Later I learned that dad and several of the men would buy extra presents and wrap them. When possible, names of were hurriedly put on the gifts or they were addressed to ‘Someone VERY SPECIAL’. A few years dad actually had a ‘Santa’ call out the names. When some kid would appear disappointed Santa would ‘find’ one more gift that had been hidden under the cotton. One year it was brand new shiny ½ dollars.
Christmas Eve and Morning are the most special days of the year. I would guess those are followed by one’s birthday. I always felt for people who were born around Christmastime. 

Friend Malanowski, BIL Vernon, Rosemary, Scott, Carol, Brenda, Evelyn and Son Mark would say, “Tell me about it!!!!!”  LOL

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Susan Kane said...

My 12.5 yr. old gr-daughter and I had very logical conversation about Santa. She made 3 loaves of Irish Soda bread for the next 3 days.

We have so many events in December : 12/4, 12/11, and 12/31 bdays. 12/23 and 12/27 anniversaries.

Merry Christmas, Jack.

Chatty Crone said...


betty said...

I don't advertise it a lot, but I was born really close to Christmas, but my mom always made sure I had a celebration. Got gifts wrapped in birthday wrapping, didn't get asked "do you want your big gift for Christmas or your birthday", always had a cake and for years she wouldn't put up the Christmas tree until after my birthday until I told her finally one year to put it up earlier because I wanted to enjoy it longer in the season. I'll let you in on a secret because I usually don't like to tell when my birthday is, but its 4 days before Christmas and I was due originally on Christmas Day.

We decided when the kids were younger not to do the Santa thing of bringing gifts. The kids saw Santa yearly to mainly get a picture with him to see how much they grew, but they knew he didn't bring the gifts. They were also gently reminded to make sure not to spoil the excitement of those friends who believed in him. The wee one's parents are struggling with how to present Santa. One (son) wants to present him like we presented Santa. The other wants how she was brought up. It should be interesting how they balance it out. This year the wee one is aware, but next year he'll be more aware, so we'll see.

Merry Christmas!




Mevely317 said...

What an incredibly sweet gesture on the part of your dad, ensuring that no child felt left out. Wow.
My parents never had me believing in Santa Claus. Rather, I always knew my presents were sent by Aunt so-and-so or Uncle blah-blah-blah. Gifts were opened on Christmas Eve; then, contents of my stocking … well, that was 'Santa's doing.' (Wink, wink!)

Merry Christmas reflections, Sherry and Jack!

Brenda said...

My mother was born Dec 24 and one of her sayings
Tell me about it!
She died 1992-cancer at age 60-Had me at 15!!

Merry Christmas!!
Love your blog!!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I always have thought Santa represents the spirit of Christmas and as long as we believe, there will still be a Santa. Looking around here this morning I think Santa must have come. I have the gift of another day, The sun is rising, and all is peaceful and quiet here. Merry Christmas to you and yours!