Friday, December 21, 2018

Shakedown Cruise

******** Automobile’s of Art:
           '55 Plymouth Belvedere.

The here and now:   Merry Christmas
After 8 days in NC we arrived back Wed. afternoon. Immediately we started loading the coach to live in again. Things out of the car and out of the house. Relocating the computers was one of my jobs. By nightfall we had a good bit of stuff loaded. We stopped for a game of dominoes. We didn’t play together (GAMES) while in NC.  We both play card games on the computer and share the interacting of Dominoes. Friend Marian, from 1956 time frame, taught us the game last year. It is fun for us. I think she has found a way to cheat! :-O

We had reservations in Peace River, only 116 miles down the road. We spent Thursday still re-grouping to live and love in the coach. (There has been a shortage of good kisses lately). She moving clothes and food and me moving tools and basement stuff. It was so rainy I could not install the new rearview camera, so it is on hold. I repaired a bad brake light. Sherry noticed it while following me from the RV hospital a couple weeks ago.

I painted three cabinet doors with ‘clear minwax poly’ two weeks ago, they were still tacky! I have never had that happen? I took a drawer and two cabinet doors out to the shop, stripped, sanded and recoated them. They are already solid and dry. I am still confused as to why they did not dry.

The drive was good. The aggravating thing is Orlando. I-4 all the way thru is torn up with those short reroutes around new bridges being built. Once out of there it is beautiful country.

 I never tire of seeing heavily loaded orange trees and the open tractor/trailers loaded with oranges. Funny how small my world is; after seeing 15 or twenty trailer loads of oranges and grapefruits I think that is enough to furnish the world with Juice. And then during the rest of the winter you see hundreds more trailers loaded.
On the left is a full truck just in front is one just emptied headed for another load. All this fruit is picked by hand.

While at Peace River if we can arrange it, we hope to go over to Okee to see Glenda, a friend from the 50s. And to Nokomis and visit Judy,a camper from Maine.

We were fortunate to find a site, however it is unlevel. That is when we learned the 'leveling Jacks' were dead and our awnings have a problem. I could not fix either so we bought lumber to drive up on to get the coach more level.

Half of the campground is a lake under 6 ft. or water. Now get this, I had to turn the coach around to park it. THIS IS THE PEACE RIVER AND I HAD TO GET THIS CLOSE IN MY TURN. My front wheels actually got in the river. I was on pavement. raining wipers running.
Life is good and we are smiling. We are on vacation!!!!! Ready for a swim? That sign reads "WATCH for snakes!"
Update: I walked back to this above point this morning for this picture:
  (Bad shot toward the sun, but that is how close the coach was to the river's edge.)
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Chatty Crone said...

Jake sounds like that is a double edged sword there- you love the RV life and it is wonderful yet there are still some obstacles to face and deal with. Merry Christmas.

betty said...

I wonder if the paint was what caused it to be tacky; like they changed the way it was made or something? I remember living in Southern California years ago and going up to Disneyland. We passed so many orange orchards. Now none left and replaced with buildings. Hope Florida is able to provide the oranges and juice we all come to expect!


Susan Kane said...

We lived in Orange Co. CA, near an OJ factory. Absolutely hundreds of trucks drove to the factory, and the smell was absolutely marvelous.

Have a great Christmas, whether it is on the road or at home.


how heavely to have all those oranges and grapefruits surround you.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Nothing like a trip to find out what works and what does not. I am in awe of your parking ability, but then you've had plenty of practice. Reminds me of the old saying God willing and the creek don't rise... enjoy your vacation spot !

Glenda said...

Do hope the rains let up for a while so the Peace River recedes to its banks. That "Lake" you're sitting in likely does have some snakes! We found sharks teeth buried in the sand, very old! Stay warm, temps are dropping in Chobee overnight.

Dar said...

yep, Jack, I would have found higher sure are getting wet weather down there. Stay dry and safe from those snakes that can crawl into any tiny hole to get out of the elements. Just sayin'! As for the cabinet doors not drying, it could sure be the dampness you're surrounded by right now that's slowing the drying process...have a lovely Christmas. I'll keep repeating myself til the 26th. :-)
loven'hugs from up north where we need snow. Folks are beginning to feel the lack of it with frozen pipes and sewers. Not good.

Woody said...

WoW, Looks like a lot of Rain, We lived in Peace River RV Park for over a year, This would be above Port Charlotte and Punta Gorda, we were right on the Peace River, never seen Florida or Lake Okeechobee with a lot of water in it, Lucky I guess! I did go thru some flooding in New Orleans acouple Times when those big sump pumps quit working Downtown! Hope there are no serious issues with the RV, Enjoy your Travels, Makes us Jealous but do enjoy following your Trips !. Take Care, Gary & Anna Mae

Mevely317 said...

Tom has been talking about re-doing our kitchen cabinet doors; so I hope he elects to wait until this monsoon-like weather takes a hike! Man, did you have to use the word, "Cruise" in your title? LOL!

I well remember those trucks laden with oranges and grapefruit! Have you spotted any of the smudge pots going in the orchards, or has it not become that cold?