Thursday, December 13, 2018

Title me Miscellaneous

Cars of beauty
                              1955 Citreon

Over the past few weeks, besides the coach work, a few smaller things have happened. Our Florida neighbor's tree which is in our yard except the trunk has knocked out power in our block  in the last two hurricanes. So last year, with the neighbors permission I trimmed the limbs and killed it by cutting a groove deeply in the trunk.

With the coach gone I could take it down with out minding the coach.
                      Below the top half on the ground
                         Below is the offending tree on the ground.
The entire  time, Sherry never came out to say, BE CAREFUL even once. ;-)

Then I took the rest down even with the fence. Now it is down and it will not be the villain again.

I have seen two Albino frogs at the engine door area of the motor home.

We are presently in our home in NC. We arrived with a lot of ice (by NC standards) still hanging on.

And Yes as I said, me’n Stormy are in a relationship again. She is letting me pet her.

I am afraid she hasn’t been practicing safe sex, she is looking a little chubby around the middle. She denied it when I asked her. Since it is cool here I did offer to let her stay inside with us, but she refused to come in. I am sure she has never been inside a house.
When I built these condos My sister and her husband stayed mostly in the front part of their side until bed time. We lived in our big bedroom most of the time. We left this home to go RV’ing full-time over 20 years ago. It has been leased/rented since then. Sister Shirl lived here for the last 10 years. The BEDroom has not felt the same. We always had a double love seat across from the TV. SOOO we decided to buy us a Christmas present to have when we are in this area. TA-DAAA..

GDdaughter Sherece came over and brought GGD Stella for a visit. She was showing some of her moves from gymnastics class.

They tried out the love seat.

Nite Shipslog

PS This bedroom is about twice the size of our coach, 576 sqft!


Susan Kane said...

Never hear of and see the personal view of hurricanes' damages. Hard to imagine such force.

Oh yes. We love our reclining sofa. Our gr-kids love our reclining sofa. Will you be home for Christmas?

Lisa said...

YIKES! That frog needs to put some pants on! Hes Neeeked!!!


betty said...

I love that love seat! One could get quite cozy and comfy on it! Oh no with Stormy. Someone has to teach her about the birds and the bees!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Life is full of the miscellaneous things. Little things that matter. Since you are builder, you could always fix up a nice condo for Stormy with a cardboard box and a blanket, she might appreciate the warmth since she won't come inside. Your gift to each other with the love seat looks really comfortable and one I'm sure you'll enjoy. Some gifts just keep on giving. Your Stella is a joy for sure. Don't we wish we had half her energy and flexibility too! Sounds like you all are doing a great job of keeping Christmas there.

Mevely317 said...

Aw, that Stormy has no idea what a delightful nest she might create indoors. Never say never, OK? Given a 576' bedroom, I'd be loathe to ever leave it … and your new LOVEseat is perfect! (Do y'all keep a mini fridge and microwave at the ready, as well?

Woody said...

A "Love Seat" for "Love Birds" !!!!! I know I like being just an arms length from My Honey ! A Light Rain today ! Nice Job on taking down the Tree, last Tree I took down I fell off the ladder, I went one way, Chain Saw the other, landed in pile of branches, didn't get hurt except for my Pride ! I did get the remark, "I told you to be Careful" !!!! You two look Comfy on your "Love Seat "! Warmest Regards to you and your Honey, Gary an Anna Mae !