Tuesday, October 22, 2019

A key ingredient!

Early Special Cars:

For today:
Sister Barnhill, known as the best cake maker in the local Community Church was asked to bake a cake for the pastor’s Birthday.  Everyone loved the pastor, this was his 25th year there and the anniversary fell on his birthday. Sister Barnhill took great pains in this cake, she did appreciate the pastor. It was a beautiful cake, Red velvet and the pastor’s favorite. At the ceremony the pastor was served the first piece. All attention on him. He tried, but failed to show a lot of excitement. Then he took a long drink of coffee.
Sister Barnhill was looking, awaiting the smile and praise that ALWAYS came. But from the reaction she knew something was not right. Her mind went immediately to the 1½  cups of sugar that she had carefully measured and placed on the shelf above the counter, but never took it down to add to the batter. She was very embarrassed. The sweetest ingredient, she had missed.
WELL, I knew better but in my reaching back in my mind to find and think of bloggers from the past, I missed the sweet ingredient on my last post, I missed Myra, Mevely. How could I do that?  I am so embarrassed. She has even sent me gifts. She has seldom if ever missed commenting on my blogs entries no matter how bland, bad or silly.
Then there was Lisa, the talented lady next door. My mind is tainted!!!
Anyway my apologies to Myra, Lisa and anyone else I missed I have no excuse, but like the government, I need to have someone to blame it on, but no one is handy, so it must have been the Russians.
Love you guys and sending hugs to my good friend Myra, who once drove a cool Corvette!!
Nite Shipslog
Taken from a collection of notes left in milk bottles for the milkman, Enjoy:
**Please send me details about cheap milk as I am stagnant.
 ;-) Okay Myra, now I have the excuse, I’m stagnant!
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Chatty Crone said...

You just like everybody!

betty said...

That was a good story to segue your way into missing Myra and Lisa (which by the way I hadn't noticed you missed them until I had read Myra's comment). She is so a sweet lady with a big heart!! And Tom equally as well! I did a friends post one year for the A to Z challenge and to make sure I didn't miss anyone I went through a list of every blog I followed to make sure I included them all and I'm pretty sure I probably missed a few there too. Its easy to do when you are loved by so many!



great story. wonderful bloggers. loving that corvette. i used to drive an orange mustang that belonged to an actress.

Mevely317 said...

Oh Jack, I wish you weren't so embarrassed. If someone were to line us bloggers up in a row and feed us Truth Serum, you wouldn't feel so bad … and neither would we. LOL.
Unfortunately, my Corvette memories aren't so shiny splendid; it's nickname was "The Lemon." Happy day I bought it, and happier still, the day it was sold!

Lisa said...

Thats sweet but I didn't feel missed. I know you check up on me everyday (or Sherry does).
There is no way I could remember all my bloggies so I thought you did a good job.

Bored at home,

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

We all try to do our best, but still we make mistakes. The poor lady had every right to feel embarrassed as do you. Try as hard as we can, we are still not perfect human beings.

Dar said...

Never apologize for being human. It happens to all of us one time or another. A couple years ago, I missed checking on mom on the anniv. of my dad's arrival in heaven. I felt terrible but mom being the strong Christian she is was not hurt at all. She said it happens to all of us., and of course, she's right. She smiled and said to forgive myself as she and God have. She's an amazing example of genuine love like you and Sherry display. So, forgive yourself Jack. You're as human as the rest of us. I never had a 'vet' but I did have a sweet baby blue Mustang. I rolled it onto a boulder going 15 mph on thick ice unable to make a gradual corner. Miss that car.
love n' hugs from up north where it's snowing with sunshine this afternoon...hope so