Wednesday, October 2, 2019

A Tree does not always stand

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For today:
Today the little electric chain saw got a work out. It was a lot of work but very satisfying. I sorta enjoyed the work and sweating. I needed the exercise.This tree is about ten years older than I, lying here at 90+ years. This is one limb!

Sherry came out and got in on the fun. Moving stuff and cleaning up to keep stuff from under my feet to keep me from falling again. She moved a ton of scrap and leaves. I have been singing that Sinatra song, ‘Gonna build me a mountain,’ and we have with the debris and leaves cut and moved.

 As I was cutting one of the trees taken down by the oak, I noticed red chips coming out. This was the center for a few cuts. I was seeing a Red Pig at first. It was unique.

Oh a note: Sherece and Stella came over and walked the trail and enjoyed it.  Now we have a BIG walking log, because this chain saw won’t cut that big a tree. It will not be in the way to leave it for the great Grands to play on.
Move fun tomorrow!
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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

That is a lot of work and not many of us are up to that. Nice you can leave part of it for a walking log for the kids. It will proved hours of fun for sure.

Lisa said...

See, God put his hand into your plan. The kids will love playing on that tree. you'll see!

Have a great day

betty said...

I too see the "red pig." I too agree the grands will have fun with the tree. Lots of hard work though for you and Sherry!


Woody said...

Must be all the smart people see the "Red Pig" on the butt end you sawed off, Glad you are enjoying being a woodsman !!!!! Up here this time of year its all grumbles and gripes and #$%@### Winter Wood has to be cut, piled and stacked, My neighbor has 24 cords of wood cut, stacked and already wood fires are going today as it is only 46 degrees. Yesterday was almost 90 degrees, Enjoy the outdoors!! Love yous, Gary an Anna Mae !

Mevely317 said...

You and Sherry make a great team! Funny about the red pig. Our DIL was inspecting the surface of one of our stumps, and pointed out the red center. We'd no idea that tree's lumber may have fetched a pretty penny. Oh well!

Susan Kane said...

Yup, the red pig is there. I wonder what caused it?

Is it too late to call out a DIL?

Dar said...

Yep, there's the red pig. Did you count the rings? It's how to age a tree...quite a job for an electric saw. Proud of ya. So does an electric saw cut thru like butter like a gas saw like hubby's Husky? Just curious. Great job and leaving a log for the kids will be fun for them.
love n' hugs from up north where our high today was 48....brrrr. Not burning firewood tho until the chimney is swept clean of creosote.