Friday, October 18, 2019

Every occupation has stories!

 An interesting car
                1959 GM Firebird III  (prototype)
In my lifetime I have met people from many ‘walks of life.’ (My daddy's Georgia language.) I have heard many funny stories and incidents from people of my line(s) of work and others.
People, waitresses for instances, could tell you stories to make you laugh, cry or be disgusted. I am sure it is the same in every position on earth.   Probably even where only animals are involved. This morning I looked in the maternity ward. And could see no Zorro (I changed his name from Zero to Zorro). Then I saw him. High on a stool looking down, confused. There was no way for him to get up there unless Stormy put him there. I guessed they slept there.

 After seeing her up on the orange seat I made them a sort of a table. it is 20 inches above the floor.

But I digress (I like that stmnt). I met Rusty, Kennedy’s other Grandpa, at her birthday. After we introduced ourselves he asked, “Are you the author?” I told him I wasn’t really an author, but I had published some books. He continued, “I have several books in the works for 20 years, I just cannot finish them.”
My response to him, ‘many people are in the same position. Lots of good books have never been published.’ I asked, “What are the books about?”  He listed three ‘categories or areas. One was, “What an Umpire Hears!”
He was a professional High School and Little League umpire most of his life. In my head I said ‘I knew it, there is a book in every occupation, I never thought about that one.’ He went on to recite a few and NONE were what I had expected to hear.  None he listed to me were insults. That is what I had expected when he mentioned the subject. When I mentioned that is not what I expected, he said, “Oh there were insults too, of course.”
And you? All of you could write a book, some have. Others have actually started but never followed through. There is not a thing on this earth that is NOT interesting, when presented in the right way.
Write ‘YOUR STORY’. Do it for yourself or your family. I wish my parents would have at least made some notes? Hint, you can put it in print for no cost to you except the price of printing. The new technology is amazing. Check out Kindle.
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Taken from a collection of notes left in milk bottles for the milkman, Enjoy:

**When you leave my milk please knock on my bedroom window and wake me because I want you to give me a hand to turn the mattress.


betty said...

LOL with the milkman note for today! I think I'd be tempted to ignore the note myself and move on :)

That would be an interesting story from an umpire's point of view of what he heard. I hope in talking to you, he was encouraged to perhaps finish at least one of the books he's been thinking of and working on.

So true everyone has a story. Might have to put mine down in writing some day :)


Chatty Crone said...

Jack, everyone does have a story. I think mine would be too long to even start. lol
I love that milk man joke.

Rick Watson said...

I agree, Jack. There are so many incredible stories that will never be told.

Mevely317 said...

I've been flirting with the idea of penning my memoirs for 5-6 years now ...but ya, no follow through. Working title, "You Don't Know Me." Maybe come my 2nd Retirement! Lol.


i've written a childrens book years ago. and have at least half a dozen books for adults if i put my mind to it. always start but never finish like you said. laughed at the note to the milkman. the kitty is sweet.

NanaDiana said...

LOL- I love the milkman note! So funny.
I published my book about 4 years ago and sold quite a few books-and I have another one in my heart all ready to put down in print. Just need to get it done.
You are such an encourager, Jack!
Hope you and Sherry have a wonderful weekend. Hugs- Diana

ps-We are looking at a Class C rv for the second time today-used but not abused. Son will look at it and we will have it inspected before we make an offer. Wish us luck!

Dar said...

Yes, every single person has a story or so many more. A couple of us in our family have jotted down notes. Dad followed thru and wrote two books of his childhood and young life 'before' 10 kids. We always wished he had written about us, but perhaps 'too many' stories. While raising our family, I wrote down what it was like to raise a family on a hobby farm. To read back, wow, we were a busy family between mini farming and raising kids. There are 2 journals at the cabin that everyone has jotted down a time or two. I love re-reading them. YES, everyone should write their story, even if it's never published but left behind for their family. As for Zorro, you'd be surprised how high they will climb even without the help of mom.
love n' hugs from up north where it's raining 100% again. The creek is running high and wild. Love it!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Some of the best work stories I've had are from my niece who works at Walmart. She truly does see a bit of everything there. Ha !

Lisa said...

I have just been reminded to turn my mattress. Hahaha.
I would love to write a book but wouldn't know where to start.

From Rainy Gtown