Sunday, October 6, 2019

A Party for Kennedy

Autos of beauty
1935 Pontiac an a Canned ham (Id style of the trailer)

For today:

Saturday was Kennedy’s first birthday party (ON RIGHT ROSEMARY ON LEFT). Of course adults were the ones who attended except for her brother Jude (4) and Cousin Rosemary (2). The most interesting was the weather, we have been in the upper 90s for a long time, today it dropped to lower 70s.  An outside fire in the pit was welcome by all.

There was a crowd about 25.  Everyone seemed to have a good time. We burned a lot of wood, that is for sure. One great grandma and her roommate (mid 80s) had a good seat by the fire.

Not much log walking but several folks did the little trail and loved it. I did it about three times with the kids and dogs. Yes we had two Great Grand dogs present both females. Scout a puppy and Nutter grown. It always amazes me that dogs don’t seem to know or see size. Scout challenged Nutter and Nutter just seemed to ignore her.

Of course there was the birthday girl allowed to  smear cake icing all over the place.

And lots of presents.

And also since the twins don’t see each other as much  they enjoyed jamming for our entertainment.

The entertainment was music by a great trio consisting of the twins (Josh on the keyboard, Stephen on the guitar) and a good friend Brandon on the sax, they all sang.

Thanks for dropping by. Sorry I could not get some pictures to load.

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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Looks like a wonderful party and nice that the firewood came in handy. It' was only 60 degrees here yesterday so I had to put a sweater on. Hard to believe it could cool down so quickly. Dogs are always apart of our family gatherings too, but to date, there are no music players. How nice they provided entertainment. Happy Birthday to the One Year Old.

Mevely317 said...

What a super gathering! Wish I was there!

PS - Too bad Jack Jr. doesn't like his granddaughters, isn't it? (JK, hee-hee.)

betty said...

Looks like a lovely party! So much love there! Seems like the great grandmother did indeed have a great place to sit around the fire. Glad she "allowed" you to sit close by! Good too the weather cooled down a lot to enjoy the outdoors!


Chatty Crone said...

So the party was a success and everyone had a great time. I know they loved the trail you made. Cake. Music. You had it all.

Rick Watson said...

Those are some beautiful young'uns. It sounds like an ideal day.
It was much cooler here today as well. And we got rain. Woo Hoo.

Dar said...

So sweet of you and Sherry to host/hostess the 1st BDay party for Kennedy. She and her cousin Rosemary are beautiful. Such a lovely party. I'm sure everyone enjoyed the warmth of the campfire in your park setting. And look at their Grandpa...proud as a peacock~ Love the Canned Ham and matching Buick.
love n' hugs from up north where we also have cooled down and the rain is falling again. We did get more lawn/patio/deck stuff put away for another season. Hate to see fall coming to a close so soon.

Woody said...

Sounds like a good time by all there ! Happy Times are good times ! Not much going on up here !!! Take Care, Gary an Anna Mae !

yaya said...

So fun! A fire and music...the best way to celebrate. Glad the temps dropped finally. Ours did too and I'm loving it. Those kiddos are adorable! I also love the name Kennedy...too sweet!