Thursday, October 3, 2019

The swing and picnic area cleaned up

Autos of the LOG

 The Cedar Rocket, Fastest Log car alive, 49.78 mph.

        Built from a 240 year old Cedar!

Note: Yes the electric chain saw does cut very good. I have at least three gas chain saws but I only know where one is and it has not been started in 10 years, so I didn't even try! LOL
For today:
I have sawed about a ½ cord of firewood and have it stacked. That does not include the actual tree, just it’s branches and the smaller trees the big oak took down. The little chain saw will not do the lower 80 feet of the trunk, so it will remain. I had to use a hand truck, car jack and 1”x8’ steel pry bar to move the sections of the tree I cut, even some of the limbs. At my age I just cannot pick up a short piece of oak tree. It feels like 100lbs.
 From this above to this below. Accomplished by two young 80+ year old folk. We are sorta proud of ourselves. Saving $500.  LOL

But here are some pictures of how it will look for the birthday party this Saturday.
 Walking the log from the stump

 The picnic area.Note the short piece of log. I placed some around for stools.

Sherry likes the area to do her reading. It is very relaxing and now it is clean again..

 It looked like this before the clean up, A heavy coat of leaves and the tree in the back ground.

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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It all looks great and will be a perfect place for family and friends to gather. You got a lot done in s short about of time, but I'm sure you wanted all done before company came. No one can accuse you of being lazy for sure !..

betty said...

What a great place for Sherry to read! Looks so relaxing! You both did a great job in clearing out what needed to be done for the party this weekend! I'm sure the party will be a great one!


Lisa said...

Yall did a great job cleaning out the area. I know that was a lot of hard work but it keeps ya going and young. I keep staring at the little white cart which I'm adoring. Hope you gets some photos of the kids playing around on your natural playground.

Working Maybe

Chatty Crone said...

Ha, are you for sale? We need this jungle out here done so desperately. It looks great and glad Sherri is happy. The party will go great too and people will love it. Have fun. sandie

bobbie said...

I would love to come and sit-a-spell in your yard!!!

Woody said...

WoW, You 2 sure were as we say up here "Busy As A Beaver" ! That was a lot of work ! Anna Mae and I love cutting and Burning Brush !!!!! Take a Break now and relax ! Sending down our love, Gary an Anna Mae !

Dar said...

WOW Jack and Sherry! You two did a most wonderful job......I'm not surprised at how well you two work together. It's such an accomplished feeling after finishing such a job. Oak is so heavy too. I love the walking log as well as the log cars. I never saw one before. You will have a great time in your pretty park! Love it.
loven'hugs from up north where the wind was so chilly today in the rain. Maybe tomorrow will be calmer.

Mevely317 said...

Like Bobbie said, I'd love to pull up a log and sit a spell with y'all!
Tuckered out in Bama.....

Jean said...

Looks so inviting, your first picture before you swept looks like my yard with all the leaves!