Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Just stuff & reading

Nice car:
Future Infinity featuring wireless electric charging.

Now today:
Tuesday was a good day. WE made Dr. APPTs and I hired a young man to drop a dead oak tree in the corner of our lot. It was leaning toward my neighbors storage shed and RV. He had a narrow lane to drop it in. He was insured and sent me the  ins info. I filmed the drop but I did not do a great job of it.
The young man knew what he was doing. He pointed out to me where he ‘declared’ the tree would reach to. It appeared to me it would go further. I knew how to get the height of a tree if you can actually measure its shadow. Using a ruler measure its shadow in relation to the ruler, using the ration, measure the tree shadow and you will have it. BUT this one had no definite shadow.
I checked a couple ways. Even built a gauge and checked the height. I did it two ways. The kid was right the tree was 63 ft. tall. It did fall where he said. LOL .The price was very reasonable. After I paid the freight and gave the three men a tip. I noticed the guy named D.D. asked, “Do you know Mr. John Moore, Sticky?”
I said I sure do, love the dude, he was my first book.
 “I knowed it, I thought you might be the writer. Sticky can’t brag on you enough.”  We enjoyed a good talk although they had another job to get to. Of course I gave them a book.  LOL
I have stayed up late for the last few nights reading. I have discovered some 99 cent e-book Westerns, featuring ‘Shorty Thompson, U.S. Marshal’. It takes two days to read one. His books are just a little different. He has many female heroes. And like Lamoure, the good guys win.  I like that.  LOL

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betty said...

Always good to have the heroes win at the end of the book! That's neat how you got to meet that guy who knew Sticky and then pass a book along to him. Didn't realize there was an art to figure out how a tree would fall. You might remember when I blogged 3 years back about the two tall palm trees we had taken out. Those guys knew what they were doing on where it would fall. I was amazed after they came down and I was thankful that the trees didn't hit anyone else's property.

I've spent many late nights just having to read "one more chapter" of a good book. Easy to do.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Great getting the tree down reasonably and in short order. It always amazes me how quickly they can take one down. We've had many then taken out in my neighborhood recently as they said the roots were damaging water and sewer lines. We'll miss the shade they give. My front window is now wide open to sunshine all day long . Needless to say it is the warmest room in the house.

Dar said...

Falling trees is something my dear man, and a couple of my brothers are very good at. We had 3 very mature trees removed this summer from our front and side yard. They had to go as they were so tall and leaning toward the powerline to our house. One fallen branch during a storm tore the power supply off the side of the house a few yrs. back and we didn't want that happening again. It even took out our phone service. Anyway, we have to make choices we don't like sometimes. Bill has a measuring system too that's fool proof for height of a tree. Aging one is as simple as counting it's rings on the stump. Love that your sawyer knew Sticky! Love our small world.~
love n' hugs from up north where the sun shines but oh, is it chilly out in the low 30's with wind. Brrrrr . I am SO Not ready~~~~~

Mevely317 said...

How did I miss this post? Well, since today, Wednesday, was my Monday, I'm going to plead brain fog. That's quite a coincidence, your meeting a friend of Sticky. Yep, good 'tree men' are sure worth their weight.