Thursday, October 10, 2019

Click bait

 Early interesting Cars:
 1948 Ford x2000 (concept car)

For today:
I despise what my AOL news has turned into. i.e. Headline: New Study shows THIS is an early sign of a heart Attack!
Click on the story and there is a teaser, then ‘click next’ if you follow these, they will feed you many things with further clicks until FINALLY introduce to someone’s book about heart attacks..
I refuse to even hit the first click. I say to myself, if this was really life threatening they would not play games with it, would they?
I feel like they are saying something like, “The plane you are in is going to crash! You need to do this”
Click for further information…. ‘click’
‘Did you  know that #xx of people die in similar situations!
Click for further information…. ‘click’,  etc (SICK)
This goes on for a long time. If the plane was crashing you would be dead before the second click on my system LOL  I just cannot take that kind of ‘NEWS’ serious.

Around Belmont my social life gets complex with ball games, church, doctor appts, etc. Sherry just picked up the phone, we now have another scheduled luncheon up in Lenoir next month is what I am hearing. BUT the heaviest situation is a nephew ‘Big Mark’ who is VERY SICK.

We named our #2 son ‘Mark.’  We were always away during those years and did not think of the future when we would be back home. As the boys grew the first Mark became ‘Big Mark’.  Actually both boys grew bigger than their dads.

We took Big Mark was our ‘first child’. We sorta adopted him as we dated and before we had our first. We took him on long day trips, i.e. ‘to the mountains for apples or to see the leaves.’ We were looking forward to the time we would have our own little boy. BUT sadly, Big Mark is presently on Chemo and diagnosed with stage 4. He is mid-60s but I still see him as that sweet little kid.

Life continues for us, and like you, loaded with decisions, BUT again that is humans and life.

Tomorrow, more on 'Stormy Daniels and Me', do not tell Sherry!  ;-O
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The Oxymoron for today:
Why is bra singular and panties plural?


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

So sorry your Big Marki is not doing well. I will say a prayer of healing for him. Kids do remain kids in our minds no matter how old they get. My baby is no baby any more at al but still he always will be in my mind. Your oxymorons do pose good questions but one that I have no idea how to answer. It's a chilly start to the day here, but it will warm up into the 70's they say. Love from Ohio.

betty said...

Hoping Big Mark does well with chemo. Will say a prayer for him. I await your next adventure with Stormy! My lips are sealed! I know what you mean about that click bait. I won't click after the first page. It can go on and on forever until they finally tell you about what they teased about 40 some pages ago.


Lisa said...

Oh man! I really hate hearing this. I will continue to keep you all in my prayers.


Woody said...

I like the Carving, Neat, We are Praying for Big Mark ! Sounds like Stormy keeps you busy, Working on trying to get heat adjusted in house !
All those super special pictures, and Health alerts and all that are "Click Bait" !! I just don't bother with them ! Time is too precious ! Hoping you 2 are not too cold !!! It is a clear, cloudless night with a 3/4 moon ! Sending love and Prayers, Gary an Anna Mae !

yaya said...

I'm sorry about Big Mark and will send up prayers for him. Your wood carving from the previous post looks good! I'm sure it's a fun thing to see on the trail! Good luck with your little Stormy and family. You're a good foster cat Dad to them. Again, prayers and hugs from Ohio for your family and Big Mark.

Mevely317 said...

I'm old enough to remember when that 'bait' was referred to as 'yellow journalism.' Whatever, it all stinks! Prayers lifted for Big Mark!

Dar said...

It's so disheartening hearing about Big Mark. Our prayers will go on and on for restored health for him. Miracles DO happen. Prayers for your family also as your hearts swell for your dear ' foster little boy.' We know the feelings you're feeling. Prayer does work and help us get through.
love n' hugs from up in north WI as it rains. Our weekend predicts snow., yes, snow. I'm not ready. Warm ground and it'll melt quickly.