Monday, October 21, 2019

Thanks about Y'all Bloggers!

Early interesting Cars:
 1954 Desoto Adventurer, never in production

For today:
First I need to fix something, Mevely, Myra. Now in Alabama but was in Arizona.  I left her out some how, I do enjoy her, her fur babies and especially Tom the big guy.  How I missed her I will never know!  I knew I would miss someone but never knew it be one who shoulf have been at the top. Love you lady! 

There are things about blogging I enjoy. EVERYONE OF YOU have taught me something, or will cause a ‘hurricane’ of memories to fly thru and flood my mind.

I enjoy Woody (retired LEO) up in NY, every once in a while he will slip a navy phrase into his blog. I also envy musicians, he and Rick love entertaining and I am positive the folks who hear appreciate it do. They are also guys who appreciate their wives methinks. I admire that.

I enjoy the wit and wisdom of those who read & comment, but seldom blog. Glenda (in Chobee), Mel, Dar, Jackie, Cher, Ora, TarryT, Jean and Paula all jewels. Chatty is a card, and it has been fun watching her grandson grow from elementary school to College. Have we been blogging that long? Ouch.

MA, Chatty, NanaD & Betty are openly happy with their soul’s destination and don’t hold back letting us know, God is Good! MA’s blog always contains great quotes, but I find her own comments many times more appropriate than quotes from the famous.

I wonder how someone can discipline themselves to work a full time job + overtime AT HOME. Betty is good. That girl attracts followers like nobody’s business. She actually tries to even respond to everyone. I can never forget her Corgi, Koda.

One of the newer folks I follow is Susan Kane. I love that girl’s wit, short stories and tales. She is also good on current events also, methinks she is a teacher, BUT I know she Throws cow piles or chips! Susan and Glenda are farm girls now in the city!

Yaya, lives in the Whispering pines and works in operating rooms. She also writes current. Her last was about bloggers.
My friends Sheila and the BR Boomer are ‘sometimes bloggers’ and they do seem to always make me smile.

I have been following some of you long enough to see your kids and grands grow up. I have also saw you lose someone special to death or to that mind stealer Alzheimer.

All bloggers have readers who never comment, it is sweet when you learn someone reads your stuff. Some of my family reads this and it does make me smile.

At 80+ years I know I have missed someone, but rest assured I appreciate and enjoy each and every one who takes time to read this drivel. Can’t forget my Sherry & her best friend Evelyn who reads, never comments, but corrects many mistakes I make.
Hi also to Nancy L, Steve and Hank love you guys!

Nite Shipslog
Taken from a collection of notes left in milk bottles for the milkman, Enjoy:

**Please knock. My TV's broken down and I missed last night's Coronation Street. If you saw it, will you tell me what happened over a cup of tea?  (love this one!)



love all you bloggers too. i've been away a while but now i'm back. it feels good to be surrounded by friends.

Mevely317 said...

Trying not to *pout.* (JK ... love you!!!)

Tho' there are a few I don't know yet, I sure agree with your assessment of these precious/witty teammates! Aren't we so fortunate?

betty said...

Thanks for the shout out, Jack! I too can't ever forget Koda!! I too can't believe I've been following your blog since 2008! Eleven years! And you are right; we did see Chatty's grandson grow up over that time period! We have a great group of friends here for sure!


jack69 said...

I didn't miss Myra on purpose, she is one of the first I go to. LOL Yep I am old...

Chatty Crone said...

Well thank you too! We have been blogging a long time. Funny way you describe me - openly happy with their soul’s destination and don’t hold back letting us know - hmmmmmmmmmmmm. Have to think about that.

Lisa said...

I love my blogging family. I have made some really nice friends here. I try to read everyone I follow though I do not always comment.
I will admit that I need to reach out more to gain some new followers and friends.

From the recliner

Susan Kane said...

Thanks, Jack! I am/was a teacher, but my love will always be writing. Short stories and pithyness are my joy.

Susie said...

Jack, It seems we become one big family while blogging. I am certainly grateful for all I have met thru blogging. So many offer us good wishes , prayers and warm kind words.Blessings, xoxo, Susie

Dar said...

Thanks for the mention. I'm one of those that is so far behind on blogging that I can no longer claim to be a 'blogger' but a 'reader' and sometimes comment'er. Life is so full but there is always room for more friendships. Thanks for adding our family to yours. You're a great man, Jack and Sherry is as lovely as ever. We love you guys.
love n' hugs from our north where the sun finally did shine thru the rain. One more predicted rainy day and we should see more of the sun smiles for a while. Have a wonderful week.

Woody said...

Thanks for the Entry about all the 'Blogs", I skip around as I spend my evenings when available reading Blog entries and enjoy the different topics, subjects, Love the pictures and Thank them all for their Posts, My first stop is always Shipslog ! Love following this lovely couple on their journey ! And I have also learned a few things from Jack !
Sending down love and regards on this Beautiful fall day ! Gary & Anna Mae

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I too appreciate all the bloggers I've met. I look forward to hearing what everyone is up o. We are like a family of sorts, sharing our lives with each other and I miss it when people stop posting. Bloggins is one of the best things I've done. It's made a big idifferene in my world.

Sheila Y said...

I’m glad I discovered this blogging world back when our local newspaper did a story on who they believed was the oldest blogger...old Dad and his tomato garden. I get behind a lot then have to catch up because I like to read all the entries. Love from down here, Sheila