Monday, September 30, 2019

What was 110’ tall now 110’ long?

Autos of beauty  1949 Studebaker with matching trailer.

For today:
We had a good trip down, and I did not eat one donut! We arrived parked the MH and set it up to use here for a week. We are loaning the house out this coming weekend to Stephen and Jennifer. They are coming here for Kennedy’s first birthday.  We are gonna suffer and stay in the motor home.  LOL
I had just checked the mail and still out front, when CRASH!!!   What was that noise????? Sherry was already out to look.

Just beyond that tire swing is the laid down oak tree. That is what sherry saw falling.

The Oak Tree was 110 feet tall.  Sherry was in the motor home and saw it fall. It is about 75’ in front of the motor home. Now I know what I am gonna be doing the next few days!

The tree took two more trees down with it. It fell just past the fire pit seats and swings. No real damage was done as we breathe a sigh of relief.

You can see this tree trunk twist it's full 110 feet thru the bushes. it is roughly 90 yrs old.

This one came down with no wind. It broke off at the trunk and did not pull up a big dirt ball.

And YES since we do have about 30 around here it gives one pause to think!

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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Oh my what a close call. So thankful it was away from you and didn't fall on the motor home. Makes one wonder for sure. Maybe you should have someone check the others out to see if they are safe. Tree people can tell if they are ok. I guess you will have a big job clearing away the tree, but you will have a lot of fire wood for your campfires. It's a record breaking weather day here in Ohio. 90 degrees and very unusual for us for sure. Most of the time we have heat on and not air conditioning in Ohio.

Lisa said...

Oh wow. I'm glad it did not hit your home or anyone around.

working maybe

Mevely317 said...

What a close call! For the life of me, I can't venture a guess what prompted it to fall. A bit of irony: Sunday morning's guest pastor spoke of the trees in the biodome. Despite the fact they grew at alarmingly fast rates, they'd invariably topple. Then, someone discovered it was due to a lack of wind. Once they introduced wind/resistance to the dome, problem solved!

I think 'Ma' has a good idea about getting a consult. Please keep us in the loop?

betty said...

Oh wow! In things like this we are always grateful that no one got hurt, which I know you and Sherry are too! What an impressive sight to see though with it falling! I'm sure it is something Sherry won't forget! Maybe you could make a little bit of money on the side, LOL, with selling the firewood from it!


Woody said...

Thank God no one was around, under or near the Tree when it fell, Glad your Honey is safe but I can imagine the sight she must have seen as they fell, "TIMBER" !!! Don't be overdoing, and with all those people coming start a "Pass Along" like on a ship replenishment only instead of food it would be wood ! Take care and Love Ya's from the 85 degree, muggy North Country !
Gary an Anna Mae