Sunday, September 29, 2019

Vows on the Blue Ridge Parkway

 Doreen Good above and 35 Ford pickup were new when the Blue Ridge Parkway was started.
For today:
Matt and Kiersten have been together through 4-5 yrs of college and a few yrs after. They picked the Craggy Gardens on the Blue Ridge Parkway for their wedding.

We were looking for a good reason to get out in the coach, and this was a good one. So we are here in the edge of the Blue Ridge Mountains enjoying the Fall.  This is NOT the peak season for leaves.

If you are familiar with these mountains at ‘peak leaf season’ you KNOW about the LO===ONG line as cars weaving the thousands of curves and switchbacks on the mountain roads, OOO’ing and AHHH’ing. The Blue Ridge Parkway is the #1 place to view God’s beautiful paintings. It is listed as the 2nd biggest attraction of USA. And the Bear-jams when traffic comes to a crawl when a mama and her cub is spotted.

Topography orders roads, so many cannot be straight and turns square. They can be confusing, i.e. these one-way signs at a street in Hendersonville.
We drove up yesterday to make sure we knew where the event would be held. When we located it, another wedding was in progress.
We have enjoyed the BRP since our youth and later brought our boys to let them enjoy it. Now this is a Grandson’s marriage ON the BRP.
Matt is a handsome man and Kiersten is a beautiful lady. Her best friend as the photographer and one of his friends performed the ceremony.
About 20 family and friends drove the 160 miles for the ceremony. We drove up early to make sure we were there. To watch the iffy weather.
We saw this as the clouds engulfed the mountain tops around us.

And later we saw this The skies cleared for the ceremony!
And in the end we saw this, two wonderful people pledging to spend the rest of their lives together in love. Our prayers and support will be with them.

 Above shows Kiki's wedding shoes, worn because they were going to climb the mountain just after the ceremony.

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PS: And we were very fortunate yesterday within a mile of entering the BRP a bear crossed the road in front us us.
We slowed down and I spoke to it. We DID NOT grab a camera. As you can tell I am not a photographer.


Susie said...

Wishing the young couple many, many years of wedded bliss. There is plenty of beautiful scenery along the parkway. Blessings to all, xoxo, Susie

Mevely317 said...

Beautiful! Love the cowgirl boots!
I had no idea the BRP was such a huge tourist attraction; I'd be thrilled just to glimpse what you're experiencing.

Must remember to show this topography map to Tom. He swears the state of Alabama doesn't have a single straight road. Ha!

betty said...

Such a pretty place to get married! Great looking couple! Wishing them many wonderful years together!


Dar said...

Congratulations to the young couple as they continue their lives together. Love her hikers. That's the kind of boot I had on when I slid down the log stairs....they can be slippery. Neat that a bear crossed in front of you. There's a big boy roaming around between the cabin and Bill's hunting shack.
Have a wonderful week. Our colors are nearly done.....enjoy yours.
loven'hugs from up north where we are near the end of harvesting from our gardens. We're ready for a rest.

Lisa said...

Wow what a beautiful place for a wedding. The boots hit the spot.

Happy Monday