Tuesday, September 24, 2019


New cars when the class of '56 graduated:


On the day of Sherry’s class reunion, she was up earlier ate, had coffee and was taking her bath when I got up. So she had my cereal ready for milk and I ate alone. Just for kicks I turned on the TV. Just 15 minutes of it and I was in a buzz.
Fast talking news commentators, faster talking actors advertising, weathermen who can give a forecast in 8.5 seconds.
I learned that we make our own medical diagnosis by actors and drug companies, who tell you to ASK YOU DOCTOR ABOUT THIS!
That reminded me of my BIL who said His doctor would prescribe every med he asked for, because he saw it on TV.
Anyway, I do spend as much time in front of this monitor than many people do in front of a TV, but I do get to interact with REAL ‘good’ folks like you.  AND you guys don’t yell at me.
That reminds me of Grandson Ben who was once visiting and we were in church. The pastor got wound up one Sunday morning and Ben pulled my sleeve and whispered, “Grandpa, why is he yelling at us?” He will never know how many times in church I have thought of that.  But I digress!
Sherry looks forward to the reunions. Many get disappointed that others do not feel the same and never attend. Some disparaging words are said, LOL.  They do wonder why the most famous member of their class (a well-known pro baseball player) never attends.  There may be a story there some would not like to hear.
Of course the reunion was fun and most had a great time. It was very informal and held at a Jackson’s Cafeteria at noon. I am sorta hoping they skip a couple years, before the next one.  It gets a little confusing for the ‘committee’ to make phone contact with ALL class mates. I suggested they mail out the information and folks who don’t want to attend can just throw it away instead of trying to explain why they are NOT attending.  But it is NOT my reunion and this is my personal opinion and not that of my sweetheart.
I mentioned that to another husband and he laughed, but they like to talk to the old classmates coming or not. He is right!
As is said many times, "I never knew Sherry went to school with such OLD people!"
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PS Black and RED are the school colors
The  Oxymoron for today:
Why are a "wise man" and a "wise guy" opposites?


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I am one of those that do not attend class reunions, mostly because I had to go on my own. Most have husbands or significant others there with them and It seems strange to be to show up alone. Glad Sherry still likes to go and catch up with old friends and has you along side to keep her company too.

betty said...

I can't imagine trying to call all the 700 people that graduated in my 1975 high school class :) Its neat that Sherry's class still gets together for reunions. It will be a sad day when the committee decide not to have one because there aren't too many still here. I should check with my brother if he goes to his reunions. He was popular in high school and stayed in the area afterward so he has kept up with more than I have.


Lisa said...

It great that they still all get together. I'm thinking that the ones that do not come are just unable or live to far away. I think more would actually respond to an email or letter. That way they have something "in hand" in case they change their mind, thy know who to contact. But thats just me.

From another Red Raider

Susie said...

That sounds like a great comment for your wife. :) Blessings, xoxo, Susie

Mevely317 said...

So glad Sherry's enjoyed such a long-lasting camaraderie.
My undergraduate years were not especially happy ones - so I'd no qualms about saying, 'no.' With the exception of one lady, the only people I care about seeing have no interest in attending. Now, someone has developed an alumni website where folks can build his/her own bio, search for fellow classmates and interact as they please.

yaya said...

We had 1000 kids in my graduating class. I've been to a couple of reunions but they want to have formal dances along with golf outings and other things that I'm just not into. Anyway, my hubby's class has reunions here and he was in the class presidency and usually attends and since I've lived here I actually know a lot of his classmates from the community and that makes it more fun. Plus, they are more casual events and not so hoity toity as mine! I laughed at your comment about the old people. When I see patients who are my age I always think, "Gee, I could have dated him in high school? He's so old!" HA!

Jean said...

We don't have class reunions since I didn't graduate with any of the kids I went to school with. I did get my GED with a class of some coworkers. Every year the second weekend in November my coworkers and other mill workers get to gather and have a big meal. Everybody brings a dish, I have never been, but hope maybe this year I can make it. My husband never did like to go so I didn't. Sad to say in the pass twenty years I have only seen a few of the people I worked with, many have passed on. I guess you can say we're old people now. (Smile)

Chatty Crone said...

Hey if Sherri wants to go - then I think that is great. Mine is in Chicago and had 771 in my class. I don't remember many people from 1971.

Dar said...

It's great that you attend Sherry's reunions with her. Bill and I go to one another's reunions too which are always close by as we both live in the same town we graduated. Both graduating classes were less than 130. We make connections by email and snail mail invites. It works quite well. Also reunions are every 5 years the weekend of the annual Flambeau Rama Celebration. I'm sure you'll have/had a wonderful time. As for the cars, I love that Chevy Bel Air Convertible......beautiful as you two
lovenhugs from up north where it cooled down into the 60's after our 2 & half inches of rain last night......the leaves are falling fast since.