Sunday, September 15, 2019

TIME, Ain't it funny how.....

A favorite car
 1955 Chevy, I borrowed one (it was new) to drive to Sherry's house to ask for the first date..
Now:That old song came to mind, Ain't it Funny How Time Slips Away!
Most of you women (and some husbands) know this feeling except some of us did not know the gender of the coming child.

Quote from SARA:
 Sometime this week, I will finally get to meet my baby girl! I am so excited and overwhelmed. This journey has felt like a million years and yet as if it just began.
I cannot wait for the next stage of this journey!

(facebook page of Sara Baker Cannon.)

Our Sara is a doll. An award winning school teacher and now a dedicated wife and a darling niece. She waited, waited and waited until John Cannon, Mr. Right a great guy, came by. They make a beautiful couple and now the baby girl is due next week.
 I am seldom on facebook, I go mostly for birthdays. OR if I hear there is a new picture of the family.

So I stumbled across Sara’s statement and right away knew the feeling of TIME. Sara said it seems like a million years. And immediately things started rolling thru my mind.

Remembering how long it took Christmas to get here?
Shucks, I thought I would never reach 16 and my driver’s license.

When Sherry said YES for the first date, it seemed like weeks until I got to enjoy her company.
Yeah and I thought Boot Camp on Parris Island would never end.

Then the enlistment would never end.
When it did I thought I would never find a job!

Many things seem to take forever, BUT once over, the wait wasn’t all that bad. On my first home sale, I though the closing date would never arrive.
Presently I am better at waiting, but still not very good. I have learned to fill the voids with ‘something.’ I try not to waste time.

MA reminded me, Abe Lincoln once said, “Wasted time can never be recovered.” I agree with that, but would also add, “NO TIME can be recovered, not even a second.”

Do you wait well? What do you remember most when waiting was so anxious?

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Your Oxymoron for today:
Christmas - What other time of the year do you sit in front of a dead tree and eat candy out of your socks?


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

So true Jack, time goes and we can't get it back. There are times we seem to wait forever, and other times it goes by before we know it. I started my countdown to Christmas today. 1000 days until Christmas. It's my favorite time of year and this year it'll also be a family reunion, everyone will be together for Christmas this year in my family. ! I'm very excited, this is a rare occasion for us. Time is how we spend our lives and I hope to do my best and enjoy it to the fullest.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...


Mevely317 said...

Perspective! How keenly I recall waiting on my birthday, Christmas, summer break, etc. Thankfully, somewhere along the way technological advances have made it difficult to ever be bored.

BTW, I love that old song. Its meaning so pronounced, now that I'm 'olden.' Ha!

Susie said...

Time is strange to me...things can seem long for one person and quick for another. But I think the older we get the faster it goes...and like you said , never to be found again. We need to learn to make every day count. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

Dar said...

The birth of my first child, my daughter, seemed the wait would never end. Back then it was not thought of as unusual to be overdue, not even nearly 3 weeks. I remember looking in the mirror at my, by then, very over-sized belly and saying, "Girl, get used to this because you're going to be like this the rest of your life." Of course the day finally came when my little one was born but that truly was one time when I wished for speed zone. Now I wish she were tiny again...almost 49 yrs. ago. Bill and I have been together like it seems 50some yrs when it only feels like a blink of an eye. While sick this summer we both lost do we get That back, we don't but would be nice. One Day at a Time, Sweet Jesus.......
loven'hugs from up north where the sun shines, I put up 23 qts. of frozen corn and 11 lbs. of mushrooms while my guy is helping build a 32x64 pole building at the farm..........TIME for a break

Lisa said...

From the time I as 13 I started counting down the years, then the month then the weeks until I would be 16! I would remind everyone how much longer I had to go to the minute. Haha.
Christmas was always so exciting and seemed like it would never get here. Now It seems like it was just here yesterday.
No matter how many times we go to the beach, I count down the days.

4 more days

yaya said...

So many times we've waited for those milestone events that seem like they would never wedding day, our first born..and the second, third and fourth born too! Of course as children the arrival of Christmas and summer vacation. These days I'm counting down the time until next summer for my retirement yet I always say I do not want to wish my life away. I'm impatient waiting in lines, or traffic, or for our next surgical case to begin! I wonder if one day, when my life has ended, will I look at my time here on earth and say: "Holy moly, that went by fast..but what a ride it was!"

betty said...

Oh how exciting a new baby in the family! Days go by so fast these days that even counting down them to some event we are waiting for goes by incredibly fast. Wish there was a slow down button I could push!


Glenda said...

Loved this one, great comments. Congratulations for Sara's joy; keep us posted. I've never been a good "waiter" except at the Holiday Inn restaurant in Kirksville. Can hardly wait for the next six weeks to go by and my new metal roof, pray for no hurricanes! Waiting for Thursday when I can go back to work, missing that paycheck :) Yep, always something to wait on, love and hugs from Chobee, Glenda