Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Thursday entry due to updates on my PC

My computer is presently being updated. The note says 'this could take awhile.' It has been running the updates for a couple hours now and is 37% complete. LOL. I am borrowing Sherry's computer while she is on her phone looking at facebook.

One day I will settle down and learn to do this over the phone. Do you blog via phone? If so do you use voice or type with your thumbs?  I am not sure I could do it via finger or thumb typing on those little letters.

Anyway I was thinking if I were to ever back pack again, it would be fun to keep the blog up from the trail.

I am amazed at what you guys do on the phone, I am still lost there. OH but I was pleased  with myself, I made two phone calls yesterday.  We were supposed to go to a seniors meeting at church, covered dish. Sherry told me she was going to buy a pie and make deviled eggs (Funny that, deviled eggs to take to church!). 

We are seldom separated. She was called to sit with a sick nephew in the hospital while his wife  did some laundry.  It was getting late so I decided to make a pie. I spotted a can of yams. Thinking it cannot be hard. Yams and brown sugar, gotta be good. Then I got the idea of adding apples. I nuked two apples in syrup and the liquid from the yams and some other stuff then ran them thru the blender.  I added the can of yams to the blender and mixed it all. poured it into a bowl and lined it with graham crackers and topped it with vanilla wafers. I labeled it Heavenly Apple Sweet Potato pie.

 I CALLED Sherry and asked if I needed to boil the eggs. Yes.
It kept getting later so I decided to make the deviled eggs and CALLED Sherry again to get the recipe for the egg mix and I did that.

She was later than planned getting in from the hospital but we made it to church in good shape. Heavenly  and Deviled stuff to church. folks said the pie was good. LOL

Back to the regular time tomorrow IF the computer updates right.

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betty said...

Very creative, Jack, with your pie recipe! It could be a hit down the road! Glad you were able to help out Sherry and I hope the nephew takes a turn back to good health! I do not blog on the phone; I don't even like laptops. My fingers are so used to regular keyboards it is hard to adjust to anything else. I do admire those that can answer emails and everything from their phone. I wrote an email one time to a friend on my phone and it took over an hour just because I was so slow with it.


Lisa said...

I have blogged from my phone. The key board on smart phones are shown on the screens so they are not hard to manage but its a one finger job. Blogger used to have a “Blogger app” you could click on and it mirrored exactly what you see on your PC but it no longer supports iPhones or iPads so I had to download a different app that pairs with my blogger account. It was easy to figure out but I wish blogger was still available for my portable devices. You could always get as small laptop (or notebook). They will fit in a backpack.

Heading to work

Mevely317 said...

Oh my word on that pie! I'm not fond of either yams or apples, but sure impressed by your creativity. Hope you'll let us know when the tasters' rave reviews come pouring in. :)

My fat fingers struggle even to respond to text messages on my phone's tiny keyboard. Who needs that sort of aggravation?

PS - My computer began updating itself last night, too. They must belong to the same union!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

That pie does sound very creative and good too. Sounds like you saved the day. Your heavenly treat and the deviled eggs are a good match and I'm sure Sherry appreciated having it all done so she could enjoy the meeting. I had an update on my computer this morning, but it only took 30 minutes not hours. So here I am as usual. Now I'm going to google a sweet potato and apple pie. Sounds good!

Dar said...

WOW and CONGRATS to your awesome creativity. You should go on CHOPPED, ya know, that food network show. I think you could win! Everyone can use an extra 10 grand or so. :P) AND deviled eggs. Nicely done Hubby!
loven'hugs from up north where I'm off to my semi-annual cleaning at the dentist while my dear hubby changes the oil in the UTV. Have a great weekend and watch for the Harvest Moon around 3:50 a.m. tonight.

Rick Watson said...

When I google my blog, it comes up in the mobile version. If you go to the bottom, you will see a link to web version.
Click on that and you can look at the very top right and log in.
Then You May have to click design but I’m not sure. Then there is a link to post.
When I get the post window I turn my phone sideways and it makes it a little easier to type.
I might try to do a screen capture video of this process.
Hope it helps.