Thursday, September 26, 2019

Trail work

Early interesting Cars:

The 1955 Ford Mysterie that never made it into production.  I would have loved this one!

The trail is basically finished. About the Bed springs, Lisa sent me some bed spring usage. Her first picture is about what I had decided on. The idea of using them came from Myra.

It has been tough work, but fun. This is going to be my ‘walking log.’ 

As I was clearing this I still had my hearing devices in (I must remove them when I sweat or they short out.) I turned at a noise and my neighbor Richard was there with ‘Heidi’ his Beagle. He had noticed I was making a trail and it was hot, so he decided to walk Heidi in the shade.
The funny thing,  just minutes before I had thought of Heidi. Being a Beagle I knew she would love the trail for a walk rather than the road walk she usually gets. Anyway Richard complimented me on the trail and they continued on. Richard works for the BSA. His wife Michelle teaches mentally challenged kids. She was feeding Stormy Daniels  before we moved in and met her.

Here she is Hunting, I ran into her on the far side of the trail today, she was hunting and absolutely ignored me. I hate and admire that at the same time, in cats.  LOL

I will try to give a walk around on my next post. But for today,  I decided I needed a Beer tree, here Budweiser is the king of beer:

Recognize this? When you have an outhouse very few people visit it at night, so you have a porcelain ‘chamber’ in your bedroom, I dug up two. This is the most complete.
Also dug out this kiddie pedal car, of course the frame was all that was left.

Nite Shipslog
PS:  Tomorrow, if things go as planned, the next entry will be from Fletcher, NC up in North Carolina Apple country. And also in anticipation of the Grands' wedding.

Your Oxymoron for today:
  Why is "phonics" not spelled the way it sounds?


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What a great place to walk. Nice too that others will enjoy it. logs are always nice to mark the trail. Not easy work at all with all the treasure you uncovered there. I know some who would appreciated that beer tree. good way to recycle all the cans left behind. Hope you enjoy apple country. It's a nice day here with mild temps and low humidity. Great day to be out and about ! You deserve a vacation day away from the work .

betty said...

LOL with your beer tree! You did a lot of hard work to clear the trail and I'm sure others will appreciate your efforts, maybe even Stormy will too :) Safe travels!


yaya said...

A trip to apple country sounds very autumn...enjoy! Love your trail. I'm sure it's a lovely walk that will be enjoyed by all.

Dar said...

What an adventure to build a walking're one tough guy to tackle it. There was a day when dear hub would have loved making a trail ' lined ' with beer trees. lol He has used a bed spring to drag brush, sticks, leaves out of the way of a freshly made food plot for the deer. It worked pretty good so since it was hooked up to the tractor, he pulled it through some of the trails in our woods. That didn't work as well as level ground. Staying busy is keeping you healthy. I'm proud. Love the idea of apple country. Our trees are loaded this year.
love n' hugs from up north where my guy just got a great 10 yr. report since his heart attack. He's doing famously!

Woody said...

Nice Job on the "Trail", The "Chamber Pot" is familiar as used one on the farm, now they are in Antique Shops for anywhere from $25 to 45 dollars! Love that beer can Tree !!!! Enjoy the Trip with your Honey !!! Sending down Love, Gary an Anna Mae

Mevely317 said...

You did great, Jack! Ya, Tom found out the hard way what a little sweat can do to hearing aids. Safe travels!

Susan Kane said...

Woody is right. Apparently people like to sentimental?

You all will enjoy that trail.

bobbie said...

I so agree with you on the "oxymoron" for today!

thanks for sharing with us your path ~ you've done a great job!

Jean said...

Your walking tree remined me of the trees we cut down to rescue Sam. That will be a pretty walking trail. Have a safe trip. Jean

Lisa said...

Great finds! Also, Im adoring that rock wall I see in the pictures.

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