Thursday, September 12, 2019

Once a Farmer (Entry for Friday, we are off to work too early)

Early interesting Cars:
1955 Mercury This was a TANK and a beauty!

For today:
Amazing how life is. Our first 15 years forms us with habits, customs and attitudes that are very hard to change. The first part of my dad and mom’s lives was on a farm.  Later dad became a preacher, but he was a farmer until he died. Once a farmer always……….
Everywhere we lived, if there was a spot to plant a garden we had one. If dad could find a place to raise a hog, we had ham and pork all year long.
In our home most of the meals came from the garden or jars mama had canned. The meat was from chickens mama had raised or Pork that dad had raised,
In my entire life I never saw a steak other than ‘cubed’ steak with gravy in mama and dad’s home. Even after he could afford it, I am not sure if dad ever ate a ‘T-bone’ steak. But mama’s biscuits, steak and gravy would thrill your pallet.
Mama and daddy never passed on any of their ‘farm knowledge or talents’ to their kids. I am sure they knew we would never be farmers.  
BUT what they passed on was a desire to ‘help their fellow man.’ My parents were the ‘givingest’ people I ever knew. They at times gave ‘our’ clothes to the needy and explained why. Now as a boy that made little difference. If I had overalls, I didn’t want nor need anything else, but sisters are different… Clothes were never taken to be given away without a promise of mama making something to replace it for the girls.
My parents raised some givers. Everyone of the kids did well and still helped others. Age has slowed Sherry ad I down some, but today we will tackle a job for a ‘new widow,’ JoAnn. We will replace a backdoor and storm door. I am going to play the part of Carpenter, and Sherry will be my helper. At one time I could do this by myself, but they make doors heavier now-a-days!  LOL
My mentor said, “When you can hang a good door and cut stairs, I will say you are a carpenter.” Today I hope we hang a good door.

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PS: The Oxymoron for today:
     If a word is misspelled in the dictionary, how would we ever know?


betty said...

Spell check would let us know if the word was misspelled in the dictionary if we attempted to use such a word :) Good for you and Sherry to help Joann out! I'm sure you will hang the perfect door. I think it is always good to be a giver rather than a receiver :)


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Better a person that cares for others than a farmer. I'd say your parents taught you well. I have seen thyy also taught you some good work ethics too. Hope your door jobs go well and without any problems.It's so nice you can do the work yourself with a little help. Sherry will be a great helper I'm sure !

Chatty Crone said...

You really learned from your parents well - I think that is a real way to respect them. I know you always do help people! sandie

Woody said...

Computer Update: WoW, My lap top nd My Honeys went down for almost 4 hours, then once again for about an hour, Does not seem faster or smarter !!!
I remember going down cellar many nights to get canned vegtables, fruit, or canned beef, pork, venison and making sure there was a jar of jam or jelly in the pantry for toast in the morning.
Gary & Anna Mae

Mevely317 said...

I love learning more about your family. In their shoes, I fear many of today's teenagers would be 'up a creek.' (Heck, I would!)
Your friend JoAnn is, no doubt, enormously touched by your and Sherry's generosity.

yaya said...

Of all the things your parents taught, being giving and kind is much better than knowing how to grow veggies! You can buy those or these days google "How to grow veggies" and get all that education. Having a kind heart is God given and parent influenced. Good luck with that door Jack and Sherry!

Susan Kane said...

It didn't matter that you couldn't plant tomatoes. You plant seeds of friendship.

Dar said...

Of all the heartfelt things one can do is to be kind. You and Sherry are exemplary of that. Mom and Dad were like your parents in so many ways...always lending helping hands, sharing always. It's nice to see our kids following us in that way also. The big guy and I celebrated our 39th today riding around the woods looking for mushrooms to harvest and canning stewed tomatoes. It was another great day the Lord gave us.
loven'hugs from our wet north......seems the rains won't stop. oh, there was a bull moose in our field a few days ago when we weren't home. It made the paper as someone took his picture. So cool

Lisa said...

I would love to have lived back in them days. Fresh food all the time. I remember a farmer that was a member of our church. He even wore his overall to church. He always had leathered skin and looked like he ate very well. He used to be so kind and giving and gave most of his crop away. He had the best corn and tomatoes and okra.


Glenda said...

This is such a poignant reminder of those long-ago days when life seemed tough but looking back, it really was rather simple. Get up early, milk the cows, churn the butter, make biscuits with our own lard, OMG. Will never forget butchering day, get out the grinder and mix up spices, tear up clean sheets to make tubes to fill with the life! Get out hoes and rakes to weed the garden, yep Mom had us all out there before the sun got too hot; then we were off to the creek to wade all the way down to Perche Creek bridge.
I remember your Mama and Dad, especially the year they drove to MO, car filled with clothing for a yard sale to benefit the church. Yes, they were stellar parents and passed along their values to your family. No one was sweeter than your parents, except your darling boys. This entry brought back so many smiles, memories of Smuckers Peanut butter, chalk drawings, and all the other entertainment. It was amazing how much we enjoyed every minute spent with the Darnells, thank you a million times over for sharing your goodness with us. Lots of love and warm hugs from Chobee, Glenda

Rick Watson said...

The thing our parents passed on to us were gifts.