Saturday, September 7, 2019

I am sick of it, Call it PC or whatever!.

Early interesting Cars:

And so today:
Okay I will give a few people a chance to take a shot at me.

PLEASE let me believe butter pecan Ice cream is better than chocolate.

I do not hate people who like chocolate, they are good folks. I even married one and love her to pieces, if her kisses were chocolate, I would still love her..

I believe the confessional is a good thing. I don’t believe the fact you confess to a priest/preacher is what makes you forgiven, but the confession itself. I do not ‘hate’ anyone who truly believes different than I, many people who believe (think) different than I do, I actually dearly love.

I was raised basically believing in the ‘right to work’, that does not mean I ‘hate’ people who believe strongly in unions. As a matter of fact some in my family are union folk and I certainly do not HATE them.
The word ‘hate’ is making me sick. Our world, media and seemingly schools seem to think anyone who does not agree with them in thought and belief is all of a sudden ‘haters’.  THAT IS JUST MY OBSERVATION!

I do not care for ‘Pit Bull’ dogs. I am uncomfortable around them. That doesn’t mean I HATE people who own Pits. I have dearly loved people who loved and owned Pits. I don’t even HATE pits, I just do not like the breed.

I do not believe nor think that if you send Bro Bob $100 that you are gonna get back $10,000 because you planted a ‘$100 seed’ in his garden.  I do not ‘HATE’ Bro. Bob, I just do not believe like he does.  

This could go on, but for heaven’s sake let a person have their own thoughts, beliefs and convictions. Even ALLOW them to be stated!  WE DO HAVE FREEDOM OF SPEECH!

This 'tirade'  started because I saw the headlines, “xxxx (a ball player) made a statement that ‘COULD BE CONSDIERED ANTI LGBTQ!!’  Do they mean he does not have a right to his opinion, or that he should not state it?” I did not waste my time in reading it, they have already ‘peeved me off’ just with the headline.

IF I FEEL STRONGLY ABOUT IT….Please let me believe the EARTH IS FLAT!  Let me believe women are angels and men need a lot of help. Let me believe there is a Jesus. If you believe Popeye is your savior, or you worship  neon god, I will silently pray for you, I am not gonna hate you or scream at you for thinking that.

Where did common sense go?

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 PS: The exception to tolerating the beliefs of others is when their belief 'threatens or harms another human,' i.e. Such as Adolf Hitler or Idi Amin


Lisa said...

This is good. I feel the same. There are a lot of lifestyles I think are wrong but I still love the person. Ive been called an animal hater because I do not own a dog nor want to eat around one. Seriously. I have even been told I must not like children because I only had one. It’s a crazy world out there. Yes, I will silently pray and I love Jesus.

It’s a beautiful sunny day. (But that doesn't mean I hate rain.)

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I don't like to use the word hate at all. It's a cruel and angry world. I dislike a few things, but there is very little that I truly hate. I agree with you on Tolerane is a wonderful thing. When we show tolerance to others is is a way of loving them. We can all agreee to disagree without hating each other. Everyone has their own likes and dislikes. Do unto others as you would have it done to you is the Golden Rule!

Chatty Crone said...

I don't know where this came from - but amen brother!

Mevely317 said...

I remember someone saying, anything taught with a measure of humor is more apt to be retained. This is a great example, Jack.

Sure, I wish everyone thought the same way I do. As a matter of fact, my/our patience was tested to the limit yesterday by a house 'guest' who totally embodies the word 'racist.' I loathe that over-used term, but this person seemed bent on sharing her UNSOLICITED point of view. It was all I could do not to jump over the table and wrap my fingers around her fat neck. LOL.

Ah well. Like momma used to say, if everyone felt the same way this would certainly be a boring world.

betty said...

Hate is such a hurtful word. I think we need to eliminate it and strive to try to get along together despite our differences the best way we can.


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