Sunday, September 22, 2019

Our 63rd Wedding Anniversary

Early interesting Cars:
 The car we dated in until I wrecked it. '48 Chevy Convertible

 For today:
I really thought I would be long in the grave by now. BUT away back in time. A boy, who thought he was full grown, with a salary of $78 a month proposed marriage to the most beautiful girl in the world. Since she was an older woman of 18 I was not sure of the answer. She must have had a bad day because she said YES!  So at about 7:30 on a Saturday September 22, 1956 Justice of the Peace Nunn pronounced us MAN and WIFE. I said “YES SIR”, vs “I do. and my girl answered the same.
The USMC took $41 from my monthly pay and added $50 and sent her a check for $91 making her the bread winner in the family. LOL
 Truthfully we were both scared on the one night honeymoon. We were both completely ignorant about sex.
Our first home was a 26’ trailer in Geiger Trailer Park, $42 a month including utilities.

Our first family car. '50 Chevy
Why do I love this girl so much?  As an ignorant 17 yr old I promised a lot. She humored me and waited thru my wild years to get the things I promised. Upon discharge Sherry worked in a hosiery mill and it took me 9 weeks (while we lived with my parents) to find a minimum paying job, It took me three days to realize,”This ain’t for me.”
I quit in a week and joined the USAF. Again starting at the bottom of the ladder. She followed me to Mississippi & Missouri and gave us two sons. Never complained.
 “Honey, I think I am called to preach.” I announced. We pastored two small churches and organized one. It was growing when I quit. It is a very good church now. She did the preacher’s wife stuff and never complained.
This is going to be too long so I will shorten it. I left the ministry and joined the USN (at the bottom again). She NEVER complained.
When My mama needed care My girl quit a good job in DC and returned home to care for her. NEVER COMPLAINED.
I did retire from the USN and tried a couple jobs and businesses. She worked to keep our heads above water. Finally I became a General contractor and was successful. Then and only then did my promises as a 17 year old start to come to fruition.  She lived in three beautiful homes built especially with her in mind. She even helped roof one of them. One had an indoor heated pool.
Working together we have been successful. Suffered thru bad times. Once to fix a car we  borrowed $60 from the bank for 6 months, then later to owning 6 homes. God and my girl have been good to me. Both have over looked my wildness and ignorance knowing I really did mean well.
Along with all that she was a mother and worked for the Army creating a career herself.
I could never tell how much she means to me and her family. She is THE BEST, the sweetest and the MOST BEAUTIFUL woman in the world.

When you read this Darling, I just want you to know you are my life and have given me bragging rights for 63 years today. I love you more than words can tell.
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PS: Roughly we have lived at 20 addresses, 6

states and 2 countries. Then lived in a motor home for 20 years to see all 50 states and 26 countries. Life has been fun with this girl.
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The Oxymoron for today:
If love is blind, why is lingerie so popular?


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Congratulations ! on ao many wonderful years to gather! You two are my favorite couple. You've had a what many start out with, but don't make it long. You've done it all together and I think that is what matters most. Working together. I love hearing about what all you do and wish you many more happy years together !

Mevely317 said...

My favorite-est post yet! This brought tears to my eyes.
Happy Anniversary blessings … and many more!

bobbie said...

Happy Anniversary!!! May you have many more years together ~

Chatty Crone said...

Happy Anniversary -what a beautiful love story. May you have many, many more. Sandie

Jean said...

Happy Anniversary Jack and Sherry!!

Susan Kane said...

this part of your lives is so precious. Hearing this story makes me smile. You both were so confident (and ignorant just like we were), made a life and a family.

Happy Anniversary, Jack and Sherry.

betty said...

Happy anniversary Sherry and Jack!! What a wonderful love story you two share and its just not the emotion of love but the work of love. A lot of young people forget that these days I think and when the emotion of love wears down a bit they forget the work of love with what they promised on their wedding day. You guys got both in each other and lived out your vows faithfully here on earth!! A great example for us young whippersnappers hoping we'll get to 63 years married ourselves! Still a great looking couple!


yaya said...

What a sweet post! Happy, Happy Anniversary you two! It's a fabulous story of your wonderful, wild, tough, loving life together. We live in a disposable world these days and many consider marriage a contract that is voided if tough times come along. To have 63 years together is a blessing and a lesson to others that when the world hands you lemons you can learn and work to make a delicious lemonade if you're patient enough. I wish you many more years together with that beautiful lady!

Woody said...

Best regards and love from Gary and Anna Mae

Frank Malanowski said...

Congratulations on your Anneversary!!! May God grant you both many more wonderful years together!!!

Lisa said...

Congratulations! You two are precious. I love hearing your love stories. She sure is pretty! If only I could find her secret.

Happy Anniversary!