Saturday, September 28, 2019

The Blue Ridge Parkway

Automobile of interest:
  1946 Chevy, someone's project car, but not mine!

We arrived in Fletcher and set up. Fletcher is on I-26 15 miles south of Asheville, NC. Sherry heated up left over Pinto beans cornbread and salmon patties with her delicious ‘Lettuce Slaw’. Then we wanted to look around the area.
I asked at the office where the nearest intersection on the Blue Ridge Parkway was located. “Honey I can’t know that, too many little side roads to get there, but Google maps will know.” 

Easy to see why they are called the Blue Ridge

So Google knew but wanted us to go about 30 miles out of the way, true. I knew the BRP was within 8 miles of the RV park. Finally we found the Parkway. I had forgotten how beautiful the views are. We have driven the entire BRP including the Shenandoah’s Skyline Drive. As a matter of fact we backpacked the Shenandoah's also.

 Looking North, this is the entrance to the Craggy Pinnacle Tunnel. The wedding site is about 1/2mile on the other side.

The view from what I think will be the Wedding site.
Anyway we located the spot where Matt and Kiersten’s wedding will be held, Craggy Gardens and it is beautiful.
We spotted a Culver's on the way back and stopped for a small Ice Cream. We learned to enjoy Culver’s while in the Yipsilanti area.
This is the girl I took for a ride today. She agreed to come home with me. I am a lucky dude!

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PS: I served in the USN under Dan Doughton. His Uncle played a big part in developing the Parkway in 1935-6. Doughton Park is named in his Honor. I think that is kinda neat.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What a beautiful ride. The Blue Ridge Parkway really is blue! Nice you found where you needed to go. It all make it easier to get there for the wedding when it comes. Always nice to know where you are going!

Mevely317 said...

Wow, that's beautiful country. Adjectives escape me!
I certainly miss Culver's. Sure hope they'll come to Alabama soon. ENJOY the wedding and of course, one another!

PS - BTW, when I read blog friend Victor's post today it reminded me of your magic tricks. Here's a link to that post:

Chatty Crone said...

I never thought of why they were called the Blue Ridge until now. So you have a wedding there soon. I don't think we have a Culver's Ice Cream here. You knew you were closer than 30 miles! lol sandie

Woody said...

Beautiful Country and the Mountains were named correctly as they are Blue! Looks like your set for a while ! Enjoy yourselves, I think that Beautiful View is awesome, Love from a rainy afternoon in Northern New York ! Gary an Anna Mae

yaya said...

Such a beautiful view! Such a beautiful lady to enjoy it with! The wedding should be lovely. Culvers is soooo goood! We don't have one here in my neck of the woods but when we go to Chicago we try and stop for lunch and dessert.

betty said...

Lovely lady you took home :) Such pretty sites! We have Culvers here. It is delicious!


Lisa said...

It has been years since I drove down the Blue Ridge Parkway. I think it goes all the way through Tennessee but I could be wrong.
Great photos. And a pretty hitch hiker.

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