Friday, September 6, 2019


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For years when we arrived home, the TV came on. BUT for over 20 years now it is turned on only during times of history making events or ‘emergency’ situations i.e. ‘Dorian’. We also see the TV when we eat at some restaurants.

I cannot handle it. The producers have 2 & 3 second loud snippets. Even the programs are like that. The news is WILD to say the least.

TV NEWS covering hurricanes, ”Please do not be out in this storm, It is life threatening.” Now those dudes know that folk like me would have to try it if I was near. They always make it look like fun as they try to grimace and show pain.

Some of you know that TV has not always existed. The first TV I saw was in a fire station where the firemen invited us kids in to watch ‘Howdy Doody,’ in Albemarle, NC, 1950. 

Sherry’s family owned a TV.

So, once we had our own trailer, I bought a used TV. When set up I turned it on. (Now this is really a true story). The TV was a piece of junk, but I did not know it. Sherry said, “Honey that picture is terrible!”  It was snowy, light and full of interference.

“No honey, look here and I pointed to a form, I think that is a man, look closer.” Eddie Arnold had a TV show. It was on. I cannot remember what happened to that TV. As newlyweds we had other entertainment.

WE honestly very rarely watch TV. We have two here in the house and two in the motor home.  Even the programs are too fast for me. Closed caption cannot keep up! And commercials!!!!!!!  More than paid programming!

I seldom enjoy visiting friends because the TV remains on during the visit. I do not complain to them because I understand, I did the same thing when we watched TV in our house..

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betty said...

Television is wonderful but it can be addicting. Easy to sit down to watch it and find a lot of time has passed. But it is good to keep up with the world, but these days so much is found online. I watch a few programs with hubby but mainly I'm on the computer or reading a book.


Lisa said...

We have one tv in the house and one in the camper. We watch tv at when we are settled down. We have a few shows we enjoy. I can't have the tv on while I am cleaning or cooking. I get too distracted.

Love from the office chair.

Mevely317 said...

I totally agree with your take on the weather people. The over-acting is almost comical.
Given his sleep issues, Tom has our TV going practically 24/7 … while I find it hard to remember when most evenings' TV fare was something worth sitting still for. The last show I remember being riveted by was Dallas. "Those were the days, my friend, we thought they'd never end." (*smile*)

Glenda said...

My TV gets turned on about once a year; kinda like me, haha. Seriously, my news comes via "breaking NEWS" clips on my email addy. Usually deleted before I finish reading but it's a convenience and I get to control what I spend time on.
We grew up without ever having a television in the home, it was "evil" except for watching "Lassie" at the Guffey's on Sunday night before going to church. My Dad was a big believer in learning and even when we had ratty shoes, he paid for Grolier's Encyclopedia Brittanica and a bookcase with "The Books of Knowledge" complete set. He graduated 8th grade with honors and went to work on their family farm, but could teach us the constellations and walk dozens of miles coon hunting and never be lost. All ten kids had a love for reading as a consequence. Pretty sure he'd have every copy of every book written by Jack Darnell like I do. [It's likely he'd need help with the Kindle.] Warm hugs from Chobee, Glenda

Rick Watson said...

You won’t have the TV problem here. We have one, but it is in the laundry room. We have a small couch and a piano bench that we use for a table. We watch TV while we eat supper.
In our great room, you’d have to settle for watching hummingbirds at their feeders that are hanging just outside.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I watch TV especially in bad weather when I cannot get outside, but It's not easy to find something worth watching these days. It seems the news says the same things over and over until something something more terrible happens. The move from one piece of bad news to another and it can get depressing. Love them or leave them, they are something we all seem to have.

Dar said...

We have one tv that dear Hub has his eyes glued to right now, tonight it's Perry Mason, otherwise it's one western or another. I occasionally watch our local news channel if something has 'happened' worth hearing about. Otherwise, he watches the tube and I read or am on the computer. I do remember the first tv that was in our house as a kid...I was a wee one then. It was a box tv that dad made a built-in cabinet that today's tvs don't fit.
loven'hugs from up north where rain, rain, rain is falling. Finally, there is running water in the creek at the cabin. The frogs are no longer lined up at the hand pump for a free drip of water.